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New tool lets you see the value of your home

Consumers can now get instant access to local real estate market data
New tools

Have you ever wanted to learn more about your local real estate market, only to find that there is just not enough market data available at your fingertips? How about the value of your home, or how much your neighbour’s house sold for?

B.C. and Ontario real estate portal Real Estate Wire (REW), which is owned by this website's parent company Glacier Media, is giving consumers access to that key data. The company has launched a new tool, Property Insights, which gives consumers instant access to the detailed real estate information they need in their home buying, searching or selling process.

In the past, home owners, sellers and buyers have only had access to superficial property information like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. However, the old way of doing things is on its way out. Detailed real estate data is becoming more easily accessible for consumers, changing the way people sell, buy and look for homes.

Property Insights allows consumers to enter a B.C. home address and immediately gain access to relevant property and market information. The tool gives users a direct look into a home’s sales history, its assessed value, the number of similar homes listed in the last 30 days, as well as median prices of similar properties in the area.

“Our goal at Real Estate Wire is to empower Canadians with relevant information and data transparency - the same transparency enjoyed in other markets,” said Ian Martin, Director of Industry Development at REW.  “Owners, buyers, and sellers should feel confident making decisions about their real estate investments. Property Insights finally allows them to do that.”

Property Insights also helps home owners deduce the value of their own home, by showing the sold prices of similar homes in their area. The tool has simplified the home researching process by having all relevant property information together in one place, enabling users to make more thorough real estate decisions.

“REW’s new feature is going to be an excellent resource, and will offer potential buyers and sellers with precisely the information they will need.” said Michael Geller, Vancouver-based real estate consultant. “I’m a big supporter of having a local Canadian company take the lead on this type of initiative, especially when it’s available to everyone.”

Enter any B.C. residential address into REW's Property Insights to get a deeper look into your local real estate market.

Property insights is available from Pemberton down through to the Lower Mainland to Hope, including the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island (Nanaimo, Victoria and South Vancouver Island).