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5 ways to rebuild routines and start conquering your goals in 2024

Intent is half the battle, and these local businesses want to help ensure you have all the tools necessary to reach your 2024 goals
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Another year coming to a close can spark a wave of reflection – times past, memories made, moments shared. It gives us the opportunity to consider and appreciate the experiences we’ve had, how they’ve shaped us, and how far we’ve come.

But the dawn of a new year comprises something else entirely. Instead of looking back, we gaze ahead into a realm of untapped potential and unrealized possibilities. It presents a chance to keep calm and carry on or begin a new, to take on those projects we’ve been putting off, whether internal or external, and set ourselves up for a year of health, happiness, and success.

And these Tri-City businesses are here to help you do just that. 

MaximumWellness Inc.

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As stated, New Year’s journeys can encompass the internal and external, and for many, wellness starts within. MaximumWellness Inc. Colon Hydrotherapy, a family-owned clinic in Port Moody, offers a clean, calm, warm and safe environment to ensure clients are comfortable and relaxed during their treatment. 

Colon hydrotherapy is a natural, chemical-free treatment that cleanses the large intestine. During the treatment, the colon empties of gas and waste, carried away through a tube by the flow of double-filtered, UV-treated body temperature water and transported directly into the sewer system, there is no odour or mess. The intent behind the treatment is to assist in eliminating the toxins, pesticides and preservatives present in our food and environment. These can disrupt digestion, deplete nutrients, or cause waste buildup that can lead to chronic inflammation.

Post-session, patients have reported anecdotal evidence of increased energy levels, improved metabolism and digestion, less bloating, less gas, and many other benefits. The new year is an opportunity to start fresh and cleanse your system after all the decadent holiday meals.

For more information, check out The Wellness Show, happening on Feb 3-4. For a limited time, first-timers can take advantage of a $15 discount if they call 778.855.8451 and book in January 2024.

Boyd & Associates

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Typically, the keys to upholding our New Year’s resolutions are effort and consistency; however, when seeking to improve our sleep patterns, hard work often worsens the problem.

It’s common for people to experience occasional sleeplessness, but this is not the same as being plagued with insomnia disorder, which involves longer-term, frequent difficulties in falling or staying asleep. Those with the disorder experience emotional distress, impaired daytime functioning, and anxiety about possible health consequences. 

Dr. Anita Natarajan has been a family doctor in the Lower Mainland for the past 24 years, and has seen many cases of stubborn insomnia. This prompted her to receive special training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i), a research-proven, medication-free treatment program yielding a high success rate.

Dr. Natarajan is currently providing CBT-i out of Boyd & Associates Counselling Inc. in Coquitlam. If you are diagnosed with insomnia disorder, ask your doctor about CBT-i and access to free group programs.  For those who prefer individual therapy, Dr. Natarajan offers a customized, one-on-one CBT-i program delivered over 4-6 weekly sessions. Learn more about the program here.

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While New Year’s resolutions are a prime opportunity to reflect inward, they can also serve as a chance to examine our external environment and tackle the projects we’ve been putting off. Renovating your bathroom can be a tangible way to start the year with a renewed perspective on your living space.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom on a budget, is a fantastic option for performing your home improvements while keeping costs low. Offering a range of all-inclusive vanity packages comprising the all-wood cabinet, counter, mirror and faucet for prices below other big box retailers, you can browse a diverse variety of styles and sizes to accommodate almost any bathroom design. The best part is you can conduct most of your shopping online before visiting the Coquitlam-based showroom. 

Transform your bathroom into the luxury oasis space of your dreams without breaking the bank, and head into the new year refreshed and rejuvenated.


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There’s no denying the holiday season is one of indulgence – fancy dinners, festive treats, delectable drinks. That said, it can be tough to emerge from the holiday hibernation and get back into a routine of healthy, nutritious, and balanced meals. 

MealsAWeight is here to help you stick to, and love, your healthy living lifestyle. The best part? You don’t even need to leave the house! 

Ellie Jubene, owner and operator of MealsAWeight, has spent the past 11 years making it possible for thousands of people to invest in their health and get on the right dietary path. The meal delivery service offers a diverse range of ready to eat menu options or custom meal plans, promoting and facilitating access to high-quality, flavourful, and delicious healthy meals delivered straight to your door. 

Whether you’re seeking some relief from your busy work-life balance or looking to inject more health-conscious, nutritional ingredients into your diet, MealAWeight chefs use only top-quality, organic ingredients, meat and seafood, blend their own sauces, and grow and dry their own herbs, to ensure your meals are as healthy as they are delectable.

The variety doesn’t stop at perfectly portioned meals, either. MealsAWeight also offers snack options as well as catering services for small gatherings or corporate lunches. 

Kick off your 2024 on a healthy note and check out the various menus and package options at For a limited time, MealsAWeight is offering 15% off your first order when you mention code TricitiesPrep—take advantage before it’s too late!

ClickOnTours INC

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The dawn of a new year often leaves many - especially those bitten by the travel bug - wondering what’s to come and what new horizons they’ll explore next. 

Coquitlam’s ClickOnTours provides all the answers you need and more, offering a hassle-free and memorable cruise planning and travelling experience. Keeping the flame of adventure, fun, exploration and romance alive, its knowledgeable travel experts are already offering massive discounts to those yearning for an adventure on the high seas in 2024.

Such deals include free unlimited open bar, free specialty dining, free airfare or second guest, free shore excursions, free wifi and free third and fourth guests during Norwegian’s Free at Sea promotion, as well as 20% off select 2024 AmaWaterways river sailings in Europe, up to 20% savings on every 2025 Europe cruise, 2-for-1 Land Packages for Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia, 2025 Holiday Triple Savings for Christmas markets.

ClickOnTours’ cruise experts will select the ideal trip to suit your needs and preferences, taking you to the heart of captivating destinations, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asia, South America, Alaska, Iceland, and more. Click On Tours also has special offers on Gate1 tours around the world. Don’t wait! Bag these deals before they’re gone and set sail on your next adventure.