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Flooring company lets you choose from over 3,000 samples, bringing floors to your door

The local business provides high-quality solutions in the latest floor products in the Tri-Cities

The wide range of flooring products currently available in today's market means you have every opportunity to personalize this critical feature of your home with endless possibilities.

As an owner of Port Moody's Floor Coverings International, it's safe to say Andrea Ricardez-Gortarez has seen a lot of floor coverings in her day, in both her current profession and as a property manager in Mexico. After all, Gortarez allows clients to choose from more than 3,000 samples when she brings the floors to your home in their Mobile Flooring Showroom, just one of many aspects of their professional, full-service.

Gortarez operates the business with her husband Juan, opening shop in September 2022 after she and her family immigrated to Canada in August 2022. 

"We bought the franchise last year and have been working very hard remotely before we moved," explains Gortarez. "We put in over 200 hours of training before opening, so it has been quite a journey."

When you book a complimentary in-home consultation,  one can't overstate the convenience and benefits. The company's high-touch level of service is unparalleled in the industry. As Gortarez reveals, they are with you through each step of your new flooring project, from selection to installation.

"What I like about this process is you can interact with the floor directly in your home, with your own lighting, your furniture and wall colours," she describes. 

"You have to feel it and see it in different lighting to make an informed decision. We set aside about 1.5 hours for each appointment to get to know you, your needs, and your style. We're able to provide better solutions by interacting with you, asking questions and looking around your space."

"We also move the furniture, clean after everything has been installed and provide supervision on all our projects," she adds. "We're trustworthy, responsible and caring, and we'll treat your home in a respectful way."

Andrea Ricardez-Gortarez, owner of Floor Coverings International. Photo via: TwinLens Photography.

You want your floor covering to be visually appealing, of course, but you also must consider things like high-traffic areas, colour , your lifestyle, if you have kids or pets, and how you live in the space. 

"I ask customers to close their eyes and visualize the perfect room for them, the way they want it to feel and the way they want it to look because that is what we need to achieve," explains Gortarez.  

"I can't pick floors for my customers or prescribe a cookie-cutter solution for them. . Their product choice  depends on the vibe, the look and the feel they're going after. So, I need to understand perfectly what they're looking for and what their heart desires in order to help."

Floor Covering International offers a full assortment of floor coverings, from laminate, vinyl, and hardwood to carpet, tile, stone,  and environmentally-friendly options. 

"Everybody is looking for vinyls these days because there are so many beautiful and realistic looks and textures to choose from, and they are so easy to care for" reveals Gortarez. "Most times they outperform the original materials." 

Gortarez admits she is humbled to be part of their customer's lives for a while: "You open your doors to us, and I understand it's a sacred place, much more now than ever, and share a little bit of your lives. And that's special to me."

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