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From Ukraine to Port Moody: Bralissimo brings unique European lingerie to the Tri-Cities

Bralissimo offers exquisite lingerie, swimwear, and sleepwear, featuring a vast array of sizes and personalized service that promises unparalleled elegance and comfort
Nataliia Kashpur, owner of Bralissimo. Photo via Bralissimo

Imagine this: you're on the hunt for the perfect bra or swimsuit, but every store you visit seems to offer the same limited sizes and styles that just don't fit quite right. Frustrating, right?

That's where Bralissimo, a luxury boutique nestled in Port Moody’s Newport Village, can help save the day.

Bralissimo isn't your average lingerie and swimwear shop. Owned by Nataliia Kashpur, this boutique is a haven where European elegance meets the perfect fit. Here, women of all shapes and sizes can indulge in a truly luxurious shopping experience, complete with an extensive selection of premium European brands and bespoke fitting services.

A focus on fit and quality

Bralissimo's commitment to excellence is evident in its curated selection of European chic, offering everything from bras and lingerie to swimwear and sleepwear. 

"For bras, we focus a lot on European brands, mostly French. Our sleepwear ranges from silk to the gentlest German cotton, emphasizing high quality across all our products," Kahspur says. 

This dedication to premium materials and design ensures that every piece not only looks exquisite but feels incredible to wear.

Bralissimo has also recently undergone training to become certified mastectomy fitters, now preparing to unveil their mastectomy program. This program encompasses a wide range of products, including breast forms, mastectomy bras, bathing suits, and specialized recovery care items.

In addition to its distinctive and luxurious lingerie, Bralissimo also carries a wide variety of swimwear sourced from exclusive collections worldwide. Photo via Bralissimo

Diverse and unique selections

One of Bralissimo's standout features is its wide variety of swimwear, sourced from exclusive collections around the globe.

"We have swimsuits from Canada, France, Belgium, Israel, Colombia, Australia, and other parts of the world, offering a wide selection of designs that cater to different tastes," Kashpur says. 

From sporty to supportive, youthful to simple, Bralissimo ensures there's something for everyone.

European influence and expertise

The store's European influence is a nod to Kashpur's Ukrainian heritage and her extensive experience in the lingerie industry. 

"I'm from Ukraine, where we had a similar business working with European brands," she says. 

This background has given Bralissimo a unique edge in the Canadian market, focusing on European styles and the unparalleled quality of French lace. 

"France has a rich culture of lace production, which is why their lingerie is so beautiful and feminine," Kashpur says, highlighting the craftsmanship that sets European lingerie apart.

Personalized service and fittings

Beyond the exceptional range of products, Bralissimo prides itself on offering personalized fittings and special orders to accommodate all sizes, up to N cups. 

"We treat each of our customers as part of the family," Kashpur says, emphasizing the importance of a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience. 

With a deep understanding of the diverse needs of their clientele, Bralissimo ensures that every visit is both educational and enjoyable.

Building community connections

For Kashpur, Bralissimo is more than just a business; it's a way to connect with the community and share her passion for lingerie and swimwear. 

"Being part of the community is essential to my immigration story. I love that we can offer something people need and get a positive response," she says. 

This sense of belonging and mutual support is what makes Bralissimo a cherished part of Port Moody's retail landscape.

Bralissimo's European influence pays homage to Kashpur's Ukrainian roots and her vast expertise in the lingerie sector. Photo via Bralissimo

As Bralissimo continues to serve its loyal customers and welcome new ones, its focus remains on providing the best selection of swimwear in Vancouver, alongside a comprehensive range of lingerie and sleepwear. With a blend of European elegance, expert fittings, and a commitment to quality, Bralissimo is ensuring that women across the region can find their perfect fit and style, becoming a part of the family along the way.

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