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Sip local, spend less: Coastal Spirits & Wine brings the best of B.C. to the Tri-Cities

Port Moody’s new Coastal Spirits & Wine offers a carefully curated selection of superior B.C.-made beverages—but without the high prices of other private liquor stores
Coastal Spirits and Wine offers a wide selection of over 250 local craft beers, more than 130 craft spirits and pre-mixed cocktails and an extensive collection of over 220 local wines. Photo via Ian Lanterman, Glasfurd & Walker / Coastal Spirits & Wine

If you shop for spirits, wines and beers in the Tri-Cities—or anywhere else in Metro Vancouver—you likely are accustomed to two choices: government liquor stores and private “boutique” retailers.

The former typically offers a predictable selection at each of its locations, which includes only a small fraction of the hundreds of incredible craft products available from the more than 500 distilleries, wineries and breweries in British Columbia. Meanwhile, independent liquor stores tend to offer a much more limited selection and their prices are higher to offset the cost of limited buying power from manufacturers and distributors.

But now, you have a third, superior choice: a vast selection of the best spirits, wines and beers from craft B.C. producers, at prices that are equal to or less than those at government liquor stores.

That choice is Coastal Spirits & Wine.

Coastal Spirits and Wine will host weekly tastings and events, creating opportunities for local producers to connect with fellow enthusiasts and share their craft. Photo via Ian Lanterman, Glasfurd & Walker / Coastal Spirits & Wine

Conveniently located at 2414 Saint Johns Street in Port Moody, Coastal Spirits & Wine is dedicated to showcasing the best products our province has to offer, in a sophisticated (yet affordable) shopping environment where knowledgeable staff are happy to help you find the perfect choices for your needs and tastes.

“We distinguish ourselves by prioritizing local products, with a carefully curated selection and personalized service,” says owner Anaahat Dhanju. “Supporting local producers and sustainable practices further sets us apart from government stores and other private liquor retailers.

“We currently have 250 local craft beers, over 130 craft spirits and pre-mixed cocktails and over 220 local wines. And we’re looking forward to doubling these numbers by this time next year.”

Plus, to help make a great thing even better, Coastal is celebrating its June 28 grand opening by offering 10% off all products through Sunday, July 7.

Dhanju has prioritized B.C.-made products not only because of their exceptional quality, but because it’s a key part of Coastal’s ongoing commitment to community engagement and supporting other local businesses.

“When consumers choose locally made products, they enjoy unique, high-quality items while directly supporting local artisans and businesses,” says Dhanju. “This keeps money within the community, boosts the local economy and fosters sustainable growth. Additionally, it strengthens the connection between consumers and producers, enhancing community ties and pride.”

As part of its grand opening celebration, Coastal Spirits & Wine is going beyond discounts to foster community engagement. Customers will enjoy daily tastings and have the opportunity to enter prize raffles.

Additionally, patrons can also take advantage of Coastal’s exclusive loyalty program. Signing up now instantly earns 200 points, typically requiring a $200 spend, with 500 points redeemable for a $25 discount or gift card.

Be among the first to know about tastings, special promotions and other events and incentives by following Coastal on their website or through their Instagram: @coastalspiritswine.