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Tap into an investment opportunity that’s centrally located in Port Coquitlam and one of the last of its kind

Link Dominion is an industrial/office hybrid representing the best in functionality and design
Link Dominion's industrial section covers 47,500 square feet, offering spacious main floors and office spaces, as well as individual units. Rendering via Link Dominion

Picture it as a one-of-a-kind development opportunity that checks virtually all of the boxes for both owners/users and investors alike.

Offered by Astria Properties, Link Dominion is a diamond in the rough located at the intersection of Fremont Street and Dominion Avenue in Port Coquitlam's Dominion Triangle.

Spread across 82,500 square feet that will encompass both industrial and office use, Link Dominion represents a unique synergy of strategic location, quality design, functional product and execution excellence.

“Our objective is to focus deeply on the owner/user community and we want to build a project that approaches development in a way that focuses on functionality and superior quality,” explains Astria Properties president David Basche.

Link Dominion is where opportunity and flexibility abound for a myriad of future uses: warehousing of products or widgets; a hub for trades such as plumbing or electrical; manufacturing of products, widgets or any type of equipment; commercial indoor recreation; machinery and equipment repair; retail sales of industrial supplies and so much more.

Spread across 47,500 square feet, the industrial component of Link Dominion will include main floors ranging between 2,450 and 3,265 square feet. Office spaces, meanwhile, have been earmarked for roughly 35,000 square feet and plotted in spaces roughly 1,170 to 1,944 square feet in size.

When focusing specifically on owners/users, Link Dominion’s key selling features are many.

The development will include numerous facets that meet the needs of today and decades into the future: enclosed mezzanines; extensive glazing; electric vehicle infrastructure; ample parking, 28-foot clear bays and 10-foot office clear heights, public art and beautifully manicured landscapes.

Investors and buyers, meanwhile, will see the potential for significant value appreciation and the very real ability to maximize returns on investment.

And because of Port Coquitlam’s strategic location within Metro Vancouver, Link Dominion is an ideal hub for industrial and operational activities: nearby are two SkyTrain lines, the West Coast Express and Highways 1 and 7, along with close proximity to suppliers, target markets and a robust employment base.

“We have adopted a very forward-thinking approach with respect to this project,” Basche says. “This will be a well-rounded community setting where you have all these different opportunities to house an industrial business, and where you can do your office work up top.”

It’s no secret that the Dominion Triangle has little undeveloped land left – Link Dominion will be one of the last industrial development sites in Port Coquitlam that can offer a versatile mix of industrial and office spaces, where the emphasis is on functionality and adaptability, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality product that meet the operational needs of businesses.

And there are other intangibles that make working and investing in Port Coquitlam a must: a large, skilled workforce that allows owners to tap into a vast trades pool, and low property and commercial tax rates that keep operating costs down.

“We want to make sure the owners and users can go into these units and say, ‘This is well designed and has great building quality’ so that they know that their money has been well spent,” Basche says.

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