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This Port Coquitlam dental clinic specializes in proactive oral health

The Grove Dentistry has proudly served the Port Coquitlam area for more than 30 years
Dr.Victor Chan and his team of dentists and hygienists take pride in the services they offer to deliver exceptional dental care in Port Coquitlam. Photo by Kai Jacobson/The Grove Dentistry

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This age-old adage has served as a unifying theme for the team at Port Coquitlam’s The Grove Dentistry for more than three decades, helping people of all ages achieve and maintain the best in oral health.

Dr. Victor Chan, principal dentist, emphasized that treating a tooth when it's in pain is very much reactive and sets a trend for the care of the rest of the mouth. The Grove Dentistry team works with clientele across PoCo, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge to not only change oral health for the better, but to shift mindsets and habits as well.  

“The whole notion of proactive dentistry very much involves stewardship and ownership, where people take ownership of themselves, rather than simply having a cavity and getting a filling,” Dr. Chan says. “It’s like a tire–if you keep driving into potholes or over nails, you’re going to have problems. We help you understand where the problem starts to begin with.”

In its 30-plus years of service, the Grove Dentistry philosophy has earned the trust of countless families and individuals across generations.  

Dr. Chan and his team of dentists and hygienists take pride in the services they offer, continually educating and evolving to integrate the best practices and technologies to deliver exceptional dental care to clients across a myriad of areas: checkups, composite fillings, cleaning, root canals, Invisalign, implants, crowns and bridges, extractions and more.

“We offer a wide range of quality services to keep the patient in house as much as possible rather than sending the patient off to different places for treatment,” Dr. Chan says.

The Grove Dentistry has earned the trust of countless families and individuals across generations. Photo by Kai Jacobson/The Grove Dentistry

Dr. Chan recognizes that the dental office setting can be intimidating for some. In response, his team has created an airy, high-ceiling environment with light colours, wood tones and green moss decor to lighten the atmosphere, along with multiple units of Surgically Clean air purifiers to cleanse the air.

As an avid car enthusiast, Dr. Chan also gives away Hot Wheels diecast cars to children and adults who are car buffs like himself. This is part of Grove Dentistry’s goal to build  lifelong relationships with their patients. Dr. Chan and his team strive to get to know each patient's story, making every dental visit personable and relatable.

“As soon as we can engage with the person and get them relaxed, then we can use our techniques to get the procedure done,” Dr. Chan says. “We are very effective in our workflow to make the appointment short and efficient, which makes the whole experience better for the patient or the patient’s parents.”

There is also a commitment to inclusivity that sets The Grove Dentistry apart. “We recognize that the people in Port Coquitlam work hard, which is why we've extended our hours,” Dr. Chan says. “This way, they can maintain their work schedules while still prioritizing their dental health.” The clinic now stays open until 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, and Dr. Chan’s team welcomes patients who qualify for various dental plans.

To learn more about Grove Dentistry and its services, visit or call them at 604-941-2211.