Vancouver Aquarium otters celebrate Valentine’s Day

The Vancouver Aquarium followed up last month’s cute video of sea otters making snowballs with another "otter-ly" adorable one for Valentine's Day.

The video shows a group of the charming critters sliding on some ice in from of a large sign that reads, "From the Otters - Lots of Love." There's also a heart in the centre of the circle, as well as some pink-hued objects on the ground. 

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The Aquarium notes that its Valentine’s Day 2020 After Hours event is completely sold out, and that it is eagerly anticipating the big night.

In a caption above the video it notes that, "If you snagged tickets, get ready for an otter-ly adorable evening with the cutest dates in Vancouver."

As one of the only animals that uses tools, otters utilize their paws for a range of activities. Not only do they use their paws to eat their meals, but they also use them to hold paws with their buddies (otherwise known as rafting). And, as seen in the video below, they use them to fashion tools for fun, as well. 


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