10 Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Heating

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, furnaces and similar services are essential yet often overlooked parts of a comfortable home.  These services require regular repairs and maintenance to ensure heating operates properly.

Furnaces are one of the most expensive purchases for any homeowners costing up to $20,000 or more and without maintenance, they will breakdown. Moore & Russell Heating and Cooling owner Serge Laredo said that “without regular repairs the furnace will be unlikely to run at peak efficiency.”  

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Serge suggests that homeowners act on the following tips to help maintain their heating and air conditioning units.

1)  Regular repairs and service help keep the units running at peak efficiency.   This level of efficiency also includes saving you on energy costs.

2)  Sign up for a care package from your installer, including the Home Care Smart Plan that Moore & Russell Heating and Cooling offers.  A plan like this can prevent you from forgetting to get it done.

3)  Inspect and clean all parts of your furnace, including the blower assembly, blower housing, blower wheel and motor.

4)  Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris and then clean if necessary.

5)  Replace and clean air filters on a regular basis

6)  Keep your ears tuned for an unusual noises that come from the unit.

7)  Be aware of any odd odours coming from the unit.

8)  Be sure to monitor the temperature, pressures in case they rise so that you can adjust airflow as needed.

9)  Learn and ask questions from the professionals as they are installing your unit.

10) If you are the child of an aging parent, don’t be afraid to use technology to monitor them, including their home heating and air.

Following these ten simple tips, you can ensure your home is comfortably heated without spending more than you have to.

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