3 easy steps to pain relief

Anyone who struggles with chronic pain knows the debilitating effect chronic pain can have on your day-to-day life and mental outlook.

Whether it’s a degenerative condition like arthritis, a sports injury or regular soft-tissue damage, relying on pharmaceuticals to get through the day while suffering limited mobility can greatly reduce your quality of life.

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Laser light therapy can help. An alternative form of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, soft tissue injuries, degenerative conditions, and wounds, laser light therapy has been practiced for over eight years at Tri-City Laser Light Therapy by Dr. Pam Bennett and her team of fivecertified laser therapists, which includes a registered physiotherapist and Dr. Bennett, Doctor of Chiropractic.

“We’ve found laser light therapy to be a very effective and non-invasive therapy that really benefits our patients,” says Dr. Bennett, who began incorporating the treatment at her Coquitlam-based clinic in 2008.

Laser light therapy uses light energy to stimulate the body’s cells into repairing damaged tissue, drawing on the body’s natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory hormones.

In addition to laser light therapy, Dr. Bennett outlines three easy steps to achieve pain relief and take back your active lifestyle:

1) Initial consultation:Visit a qualified clinic such as Tri-City Laser Light Therapy for an initial consultation with either a chiropractor or physiotherapist who will determine the appropriate treatment after a routine exam and diagnosis.

2) Follow a treatment schedule.Your therapist will then prescribe a treatment schedule tailored to your condition. Make sure you set aside enough time to follow through with the entire treatment schedule. As a general rule of thumb, pain relief goals can often be achieved after 10 consistent treatments.

3) Follow up the treatment as directed. Once you’ve finished your treatment schedule, your therapist will provide you with any lifestyle changes and exercises for continued pain relief. This will allow you to remain active without experiencing joint and muscle pain.

To find out more about treatment for chronic pain, visit Dr. Pam Bennett’s website, call 778-285-2737, or visit Tri-City Laser Light Therapy at Unit 215—3030 Lincoln Avenue in Coquitlam. 

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