4 Reasons to prearrange your funeral service

Talking about death and funeral services is generally not at the top of anyone's priority list. But Keith Louw thinks it should be. Keith is the Location Manager at First Memorial Burkeview in Port Coquitlam.

"While no one wants to talk about death sooner than we need to, prearranging your funeral and taking care of decisions will be a great help to your family and loved ones," Keith says.

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Let's look at four reasons why pre-arranging your funeral is a wise move.

1.     Eliminate guesswork for your loved ones

"If you know what kind of funeral service you want or how you want your remains to be handled, making prearrangements means that your wishes will be carried out," says Keith. "Also, you'll be relieving your family of having to make major decisions at a difficult and emotional time."

2.     Save money

Prearranging and prepaying for funeral services could save you money.

"Let's say you made your arrangements in 1999," Keith explains. "If you die tomorrow, we honour the 1999 price. There's no additional charge to fulfill your original choices, your family is not burdened with paying the difference between the 1999 price and today's cost."

First Memorial Burkeview holds the prepaid amount in trust and pay interest on the funds they receive.

3.     Be buried or cremated where you want

One reason people resist preplanning and prepaying for their funeral is the fear that they might move and want to be buried somewhere other than in the community where they used to live.

"Because First Memorial Burkeview  is part of the Dignity Memorial network," says Keith, "we can transfer your prepayment to any one of over 2,000 funeral service providers in North America. Chances are, wherever you move to, we have an affiliation with a funeral service provider in your area."

4.     Less worry for Snowbirds and travellers

"First Memorial Burkeview  offers a Travel Protection Plan that means that if you should die while travelling, we can arrange to have your body repatriated," Keith says. "It's a great relief to people who travel south for the winter to know that the surviving partner just has one phone call to make, and everything is taken care of."

Whether you want to personalize your own service or relieve your loved ones of difficult decisions, prearranging your funeral could be a smart move.

For more information on First Memorial Burkeview or to discuss prearranging your funeral services, call 604.944.4128, visit the website at www.firstmemorialportcoquitlam.com, or stop by 1340 Dominion Avenue, Port Coquitlam. 

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