4 things that make this tree service different

Rick Pynn and Joe Zepedeo, owners of A1 Tri-Craft, explain why their company is pick of the bunch when it comes to dealing with trees.


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1. No job is too big or too small

Typically, tree and shrub specialists focus either on large jobs, such as deforesting a whole area prior to development, or small ones, like hedge trimming. A1 Tri-Craft will do the lot. “We’ll do anything from grooming a hedge to dropping a huge tree, and we’ll give as much care and attention to both,” says Pynn. “We’re fully insured, and we also give discounts for very small and very large jobs.”


2. It operates all year round

Most arborist companies are fairweather friends – they’ll shut down during the winter months. That means if you’re a business that needs work throughout the year, or a tree comes down on your property after a winter storm, you might struggle to find experts to help out. A1 Tri-Craft is open all year round. “It’s especially good for stratas or commercial organizations because they want people who are familiar with their property and ways of doing things,” says Zepedeo.


3. It can turn things round, fast

Generally speaking, quotes can be delivered within two days, and a project of any scale, including new development clearing, can be started within the week. “We typically have two or three crews available at any time, and access to all equipment including heavy machinery like excavators, so we’re ready for anything,” says Zepedeo.


4. It has more than 20 years of history in the community

The company was set up around 30 years ago, then taken over by Andrew Baba 20 years ago. He died suddenly last year, aged just 42, and his good friends Pynn and Zepedeo decided to take over the business in order to help out his family, customers and staff. “Some of our customers and staff members have been with the business for many years. We pride ourselves on continuing Andrew’s legacy of strong, lasting, friendly relationships built on trust and honesty,” says Pynn.

To find out more about A1 Tri-Craft or get a free estimate, visit A1tricraft.com or call 604-396-3662 or 604-618-8585.

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