5 reasons you need a personal trainer

Going it alone at the gym or fitness centre requires great dedication and patience, whether you’re waiting in line for a treadmill or trying to figure out how to use one of the weight machines.

Working out alone can be challenging for many reasons, whereas going to a personal trainer gives everyone – from the newly reformed couch potato to the marathon runner – a better chance to meet their goals.

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“Personal trainers provide clients with the resources and tools to be successful,” says Sam Noh, personal trainer and owner of Eagle Ridge Fitness in Port Moody.

There are five things a good, certified personal trainer offers that you can’t get at the big-box fitness clubs, according to Noh.

1.     Motivation. Starting a healthy lifestyle can be extremely difficult on your own, and many people give up soon after starting a new exercise regime or eating plan. A good personal trainer will stick with you and help you hold yourself accountable.

2.     Resources.Personal trainers have access to all kinds of knowledge, techniques and equipment that the average person may not even consider when planning out their new healthy lifestyle.

3.     Recognition. All kinds of challenges pop up when you switch your routine. Personal trainers can spot some of these and help you work through them, such as helping a client mix things up when they’re getting bored of an exercise routine, or really examining what foods might not be helping them reach their goal of losing weight or being healthier.

4.     Planning. A new lifestyle is not possible without extensive planning. A personal trainer can give you tips and information on how to best plan for your goals so that you don’t sabotage yourself before you’ve even started.

5.     Listening. A really good personal trainer will listen to their clients and make sure they’re there for them, helping them navigate problems or injuries, staying in touch, and making sure the client’s goals are foremost.

“It’s not about what the trainer wants,” Noh says. “What are the client’s goals? That’s what matters most.”

The wrong trainer is the one who doesn’t pay attention to his or her client’s needs and pushes his or her own agenda, Noh adds. Simply put, you get what you pay for: if a personal trainer is charging lower rates than all the others in your area, it’s probably a bad sign.

To book a session with a personal trainer or join Eagle Ridge Fitness’ team training program, call the studio at 604 996-1111, email or visit their website. Eagle Ridge Fitness is located at 2624 St. Johns Street in Port Moody and at 2311 Whyte Ave in Port Coquitlam.. The studio can also be found on Facebook /EagleRidgeFitness. 

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