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8 perks of living in a retirement community

Wondering if living in a seniors’ retirement community is as good as it sounds? Owner of the Wesbrooke Pat De Luca says it’s even better.
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Wondering if living in a seniors’ retirement community is as good as it sounds? Owner of the Wesbrooke Pat De Luca says it’s even better.

Whether it’s because you’re tired of cooking your own meals everyday, or it’s because you need a helping hand with daily living, moving into a seniors’ residential community can be your answer. At the Wesbrooke, they’re all about giving you a relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable living experience in this next phase of life. Here are some of the ways they do just that:

1.Gourmet meals – like minestrone soup and crab salad croissants – are served up twice a day in the elegant dining area. Snacks are available daily, as well.

2.Social events are organized regularly to ensure you have the opportunities to socialize, get active, and enjoy life to the fullest. Some events include movie nights, trips to the museum, entertainment shows, and bowling.

3.Have access to a myriad of services and amenities right at your fingertips, such as household repairs, housekeeping services, transportation expenses and 24-hour security.

4.Friendly staff are always around to make sure that you feel safe, happy, and truly at home.

5.Be a part of one big family. The Wesbrooke has 130 residents, made up of couples, retirees, and seniors, not to mention the family- and person-oriented staff, like owners Pat and Celeste De Luca.

6.Live in a home that fits you. At the Wesbrooke, you have the choice of living in a studio, junior studio, 1-bedroom unit, or 2-bedroom unit. Say good bye to lengthy staircases and houses that are too big for you and say hello to the Wesbrooke.

7.Settle into a community-oriented neighbourhood. The Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre and a new Library are just a stone’s throw away in the heart of the Civic Centre.

8.Embrace this great phase of your life by freeing yourself of stress, liberating yourself from loneliness and isolation, and alleviating family members’ concerns.

To find out more about The Wesbrooke Seniors Living Community, visit or call 604-330-4249.