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A new leaf for local arborist company

You probably know who to call if your basement springs a leak or your lights go on the fritz.
A1 Tri-Craft 1

You probably know who to call if your basement springs a leak or your lights go on the fritz. But who’s on speed dial if a tree comes down on your property, or your hedge needs trimming? Joe Zepedeo and Rick Pynn think it should be their company, A1 Tri-Craft.

The business is one of just a handful of Lower Mainland tree and shrub specialists that work all year round, not just in the warmer months. The team will tackle any size job from removing a hedge or large diameter tree to massive storm clear-ups, working on residential, commercial, strata, insurance and emergency projects. “We typically have two or three crews on the road at all times, which means we can react quickly to any type of situation,” says Pynn. “We can get estimates done within two days, and start a project within the week. We also have access to any type of equipment that might be necessary. From a customer-service point of view we are aware that some scenarios, especially emergency projects, can be emotional situations, so we’re sensitive to that.”

Zepedeo and Pynn are relatively new to this industry – they took over A1 Tri-Craft around a year ago – but the business has more than two decades of history in the community. Many of the experienced crewmembers have worked there for years under previous owner Andrew Baba. “Andrew was a good friend of ours who passed away suddenly last year, aged just 42,” says Zepedeo. “We decided to take on the business at that point to help his family and customers, and to keep his staff working. It was the appropriate thing for us to do so that his young children have something to fall back on down the road.”

“Andrew immigrated here from Poland and bought this business when he was just 18 or 19,” continues Pynn. “He worked incredibly hard to make it a success and had such a fantastic reputation with his many customers. We’re proud to continue his legacy – it really was his life’s work.”

To find out more about A1 Tri-Craft or get a free estimate, visit or call 604-396-3662 or 604-618-8585.