A sunny outlook on oral health: this centre offers Coquitlam compassion-focused dentistry

"I guess I've always taken the time to make patient comfort a focus, as I'm very cognizant that many people have a heightened fear of dentistry,” says Dr. Melody Sun. Ever since she opened her own practice in 2004, Dr. Sun has been passionate about making dentist visits as easy as possible for her patients. She adds that because of this approach, many of her clients tend to be adults with anxiety, or children. "Eventually, after spending time building that trust with them, in addition to prioritizing a gentle approach, they eventually aren't anxious to see us anymore. They can actually access proper dental care because they're no longer afraid to come see us," she says, noting that the experience is extremely rewarding as a health care practitioner.

Something that Dr. Sun finds particularly heart-warming about her dental practice is feeling like an honorary member of the families who sit in her chair over the years. "It sounds cliché, but to watch the kids grow up and have kids, to be part of their families and that cycle of life over the years - it's a really special part of our profession."

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Another element that makes her practice tick is continuous learning among her staff. She says, “We spend a lot of time honing our skills, adding new techniques to our repertoire. We always try to keep on top of the newest research, and invest in new equipment to support new improvements in research and dentistry to provide our patients with a high level of care.”

Dr. Sun adds that her biggest priority is making sure that the client in her chair gets a service that meets their long-term needs. She says, "A lot of people are embarrassed to come to the dentist because perhaps they haven’t been in in a long time. I really believe in a nonjudgmental approach. We strive to find solutions that work for each individual or family depending on their circumstances."

Sun Dental Centre is continually growing, and Dr. Sun herself is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new associate, Dr. Tracie Tanaka. Dr. Sun says that she and Dr. Tanaka are so alike, they even share the same birthday! Dr. Sun has nothing but rave reviews for her new coworker, saying, "She is clearly the type of individual who has high standards and really just excels in her craft. The quality matters to her; she's a perfectionist."

If you want to find out more about Dr. Sun and Dr. Tanaka, check their website here, or head to their brick and mortar location at 101-1155 High Street, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7W4.


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