Avoid Denture Dilemmas: 6 Facts of Denture Care

Dentures need as much attention as natural teeth do, so we asked Austin Denture Clinicdenturist Boris Eroshevski for some tips on caring for your dentures.

1. Clean Your Dentures 3 Times Daily: Use a denture brush and soapy water to clean your dentures. Never use a toothbrush or toothpaste. Dish soap or an over-the-counter denture cleaner is the best option. Make sure you clean your dentures and your mouth after every meal. 

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2. Soaking: Overnight soaking in water and/or a cleaning product will not only help keep your dentures fresh, it will give your mouth a rest. Always rinse your dentures before use, especially if a denture-soaking solution was used.

“We advise our patients not to sleep with their dentures in,” says Eroshevski. “Give your gums a little bit of a rest and you’ll sleep easier at night.”

3. Regular Denture Check-ups: Because dentures are prosthetics and your gums are living tissue, your dentures will remain the same while your gums will continue to change. This is one reason to schedule a check-up every six months. Other reasons include checking for wear and tear and checking to see if a reline or rebase is necessary.

4. Reline &Rebase:As your gums continue to change, you’ll need to have your dentures rebased or relined to fit more comfortably and retain their functionality. You should Rebase or Reline your dentures every two years. A reline is when new acrylic is added to the base layer of the denture to make the fit more comfortable. A rebase is the same as a reline, except that all of the denture base is removed and replaced with new acrylic.

5. Repairs: Dentures are delicate prosthetics. The gums section of the denture is made of acrylic, and the teeth are either acrylic (plastic) or porcelain. Bart Simpson’s playful use of his grandfather’s dentures would have destroyed them long before the end of the episode. Remember, if there’s a crack or chip in your dentures, you need to take them to your local denturist to be fixed. There aren’t any do-it-yourself solutions for repairing dentures.

6. Replace: You will likely need to replace your dentures every 5 years because your gums continue to change and because the dentures will lose their edge.

“We train our patients in the use of dentures,” says Eroshevski. “You have to adjust and train your mind to use them. They are very different from your natural teeth.”

For more information about dentures, contact Austin Denture Clinic at 604-939-1313, by email or in person at 230-1140 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam.

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