Baby coming? Learn how to birth like a boss

If there’s one industry looking to boom this fall, it’s the prental industry. With weeks of being cooped up indoors, couples turned to “indoor sports” for entertainment and experts say we should brace for the quarantine baby boom. One professional aiming to help pregnant people be healthier and fitter for their birth is Kim Vopni.

Popularly known as “the Vagina Coach,” Vopni boasts a long list of professional accreditations in addition to being a certified pre-/post-natal fitness consultant. She’s made pelvic floor fitness her mission in life, especially when it comes to pregnant people and their birthing experience.

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Vopni has long been offering app-based training programs for those who want to work out on their own, even including a Kegel master class called the Buff Muff Challenge, which is for non-pregnant people. For those who are pregnant, her “Birth Like a Boss” challenge is perfect for persons who are social distancing but need a prenatal fitness routine. For about a dollar a day, participants get an app based program with four weeks of progressive training to help prepare them for the demands of labour and birth. There are even bonuses like a meal plan and a postpartum recovery protocol.

In Birth Like a Boss, Vopni uses “the principle of specificity” to help train the body for labour. Professional athletes use this principle in training all the time – it’s a regimen designed for a specific sport or activity. Like how a slalom skier uses balance board and squat work, or a marathon runner focuses on building endurance with progressively longer runs. For pregnant people, it means building strength, endurance and suppleness in birth-position exercises that train the body to manage labour and birth with strength and confidence.

For instance, something unavoidable in pregnancy is diastasis recti, which is when the rectus muscles separate from the mid-line in the abdominal wall, as connective tissue stretches during belly and baby growth. Vopni explains, “100% of women will get this by the 33rd week of their pregnancy, it’s a normal response, but with proper movement and posture in pregnancy, the consequences are reduced,” and it’s just one condition she’s designed her program around to help set the groundwork for easier recovery after the baby is born.

Right now, Vopni’s offering the $27 USD program at $10 off with code TRICITYNEWS. Just $17 for 4 weeks of powerful exercises and training to help make birthing, and recovery, a better experience.

Kim Vopni has spent her career teaching clients how to strengthen their core and pelvic floor, changing their lives with everything from lower back pain to bladder incontinence. Click here to learn more about Kim and her coaching and fitness programs, and how they may help you.

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