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As information becomes more readily available, and parents begin to ask more questions and explore their options, they begin to discover there truly is choice in education. With a diverse market, public school, private school, faith based options and choice schools focussed on a specific educational approach, families are able to choose the option that fits their children best. Statistics show that more and more families are choosing to consider options outside of their neighbourhood school. Decisions are made based on the quality of education, the specific approach and the growing affordability of schools. One such school that parents have begun flocking to is Urban Academy, a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 secular private school in New Westminster.

Mixing old-school traditions, like uniforms, with new-school technology such as iPads, computers and peripherals, Urban Academy is the private school that we wished we could have gone to. A quick visit to its campus is enough to see that Urban Academy staff care about the students and are interested in working with parents for the best interest of their children. The school focuses on what’s really important – giving its students the best education possible and preparing them well for the careers of the future. This goal is achieved by utilizing their state-of-the art facilities which includes a full-sized (4,000 sq. ft.) gymnasium, multiple rooftop patio spaces, and a 150-seat performance art theatre.

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Urban Academy is dedicated to “developing the creative innovators of tomorrow” and supports this claim with an impressive 100% post-secondary acceptance rate.

Because it’s the only JK-Grade 12 secular private school in the Tri-Cities area, convenience plays a huge role for Urban Academy. Its new campus, opening Fall 2018, is located just steps from Braid Skytain Station, making it one of the most transit-accessible private schools in all of the Lower Mainland. Its new five storey concrete building is home to over 50,000 square feet of space for students to learn in.

To find out more about Urban Academy, visit call 604-524-2211, or email You can also find Urban Academy on Facebook. 



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