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Co-working space fosters community and collaboration

Ideally suited for entrepreneurs and small business owners, this space offers a worry-free, low-cost and well-equipped base
Erin Scarlett and Mike Arboit.

With working from home being pandemic-induced for many, the opportunity to actually get out and begin mingling in the working world again is becoming much sought after.

And The Fountainhead Network is a place to do that safely, and effectively.

Located at #204 - 3242 Westwood St. in Port Coquitlam, it is billed as a “niche” co-working space, ideally suited for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and pretty much anyone seeking a worry-free, low-cost and well-equipped base from which to operate.

“We’ve seen our small community grow quite well, despite the pandemic, because a lot of people are wanting to make their home a home again and not their workplace,” says Erin Scarlett, who along with husband Mike Arboit and her mom Roberta Scarlett run The Fountainhead Network.

Opened last June with the help of the Coworking BC Community Collective, it features a 7,000-square-feet area with wired hot desks, dedicated desks, editing stations, one private office, meeting/flex rooms, and a kitchen/lounge.

While that may seem somewhat standard for a modern, co-working environment, The Fountainhead Network also has a fully equipped podcasting room and a green screen studio with a specially curved, cyclorama wall, which provides a professional backdrop.

“We think an independent media is the future,” says Roberta. “It can be so diverse.

“We want people not just talking about their craft, but producing shows on it. That’s why we included the studios.”

The Fountainhead Network is also designed to encourage a communal feel—a place where ideas and services can be exchanged.

“A lot of other co-working spaces are situated in private offices,” Erin says. “We wanted to stay true to the roots of co-working where people can feel comfortable approaching and working with each other.”

And to date, the collaborative nature has blossomed.

“That’s one of the most rewarding parts, seeing how that sharing of ideas and talents has developed,” Erin says. “Everybody here is keen to use each other’s services and support this little community.”

Plus, it’s being accomplished in a pandemic-conscious manner.

“The work space was designed, even before the pandemic, to give people an ample amount of room,” says Roberta. “Our desks are 55 inches apart, and there are dividers.

“It was always meant to accommodate those who are extroverts and who like a communal setting, and introverts who enjoy being off on their own.”

To help foster that communal feeling, there is beer on tap, free unlimited specialty coffee drinks, coaching and counselling with mental health being considered a high priority of importance to their members, and complimentary headshots upon signup.

And with it being open 24/7, and accepting crypto currency, The Fountainhead Network is also convenient for those working parents or anyone with a side hustle they want to develop.

To find out more about how you can become part of a unique and growing co-working community, visit the Fountainhead Network’s website at: