Coquitlam cosmetic dentist creates smiles

Dr. Carol L Thorpe’s dentistry practice is built on smiles.

“I have an interest—you might call it a passion—for creating smiles,” Dr. Thorpe says. “I’m quite artistic by nature and cosmetic dentistry can be very creative.”

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Dr. Thorpe’s philosophy is to make sure you have the smile you want.

“It’s not about giving everyone the same smile,” she explains, “It’s about creating a smile that’s right for the patient’s face. The smile they think is perfect. Not the smile I think is perfect.”

Dr. Thorpe suggests a consultation to become informed about all the options available. Her consultations are free and she encourages patients to come back as many times as necessary before deciding on a procedure.

“It’s like building a house,” she says. “Here’s the foundation and this is what we can or cannot do on top or on the ground floor. These are the issues and these are the cost factors. We talk about how long a procedure will last; we talk about time factors. I want patients to be thoroughly informed and prepared.”

Taking photographs is also part of the process. Dr. Thorpe believes that if the patient can see what she sees, the whole process is a lot easier and less stressful.

Asked why cosmetic dentistry has become so popular, Dr. Thorpe points to both the physical and emotional benefits for patients.

“Dentists like cosmetic dentistry because it’s so rewarding,” she explains. “People who were afraid to smile, suddenly smile all the time. Their whole personality changes; their approach to the world changes. It’s a whole new beginning for them.”

The results of cosmetic dentistry should be natural and right for the patient’s face, Dr. Thorpe adds.

“You want people to say, ‘Wow, you look great!’ not “Wow, you’ve had your teeth fixed!’”

For more information on Dr. Carol L. Thorpe and her cosmetic dentistry practice or to book an appointment, call the office at 604.552.9500, check the website, send them an email, or visit the office at #121, 3030 Lincoln Avenue, Coquitlam.

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