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Coquitlam offers great health benefits of enjoying outdoor winter activities

Celebrate winter by getting outside and enjoying the sensory experience at the Lights at Lafarge winter lights display.
City of Coquitlam Winter Lights
Revellers enjoy the magical light display at Lafarge Lake. Photo: Supplied.

Celebrate winter by getting outside and enjoying the sensory experience at the Lights at Lafarge winter lights display. There is nothing more refreshing than going for a walk on a brisk winter evening, as long as you wear the appropriate clothing to stay warm and dry. 

The 1.2 km-loop trail around Lafarge Lake is beautiful and the shimmering light display focusing on whimsy as well as flora and fauna makes it extra special. If you are counting steps, the loop will add 1,600 steps to your day. Do the easy hike three times and you have added nearly 5,000 steps. 

Enjoy the health benefits of outdoor winter activities

  • Improved immune system– Breathe in the fresh air. Indoor environments are more likely to spread colds and flu during the winter season.
  • Better physical fitness– When you engage in activity, it helps strengthen the immune system, promotes better circulation, keeps the body mobile and strong.
  • Increased mental boost– Energize your brain as well as your body. Getting outside reduces stress and anxiety, and perks up mood.
  • Community connections– Making social connections helps your mental health. Try it and see how good it feels. It will make you smile more, raise your self-esteem and also improve sleep.

Lights at Lafarge will also offer a variety of interactive themed activities during the first three weeks of the new year, like yoga and dance on the TD Plaza, promoting pride in community in the traditional laid-back West Coast style. The lights are on every night, from about 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., until the third week in January. However, walkers are welcome to enjoy the park during daylight hours as well. Coquitlam offers something for everybody to stay connected—teens, families, seniors and children. This is only one of the many opportunities to stay healthy and active. The parks are always available, but if you are looking for other programs check the leisure guide.  

Getting to Lights at Lafarge 

While there is some on-site parking at Town Centre Park, the Lights at Lafarge are popular and can get busy. Event-goers are encouraged to walk, carpool or take transit. Use Translink's TripPlanner or ride the SkyTrain to the Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station for easy access to Town Centre Park. 

Explore more and get involved. Join other community volunteers in the Spark Park program and the Lafarge Lights Brigade. Sign up now or visit the website.