Enjoy an authentic Indian yoga experience in the Tri-Cities

Take a journey to improve your mental and physical well-being. Jai Yoga Studio is no ordinary yoga studio. It incorporates ancient traditions and philosophy from India and is the only infrared studio in Coquitlam.

Infrared mild heat yoga studio. The temperature is set two degrees above room temperature, so when you sweat it is not caused by the heat but from your physical activity. Infrared has deep penetrating, detoxifying, therapeutic benefits. It builds true fitness and health, reducing muscle tension and pain, improving circulation, aiding weight loss and skin clarification, boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure.

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The studio is run by a husband and wife team, Jai Singh and Prem Kaur, who are passionate about building a holistic wellness community in the Tri-City area.

Growing up in India, Singh was introduced to the benefits of yoga at an early age and he now dedicates his life to helping others. Jai says, "Adapting yoga into your life reduces stress and promotes well-being of body and mind. It also helps provide more focus and stillness in your life."

He told us, “According to Indian mythology and tradition, yoga is not only for physical fitness. It calms down your nervous system and you can get relaxed. Mind, body and spirit all go hand-in-hand. If you apply the laws of yoga into your personal life, you can achieve whatever you want.”

Jai Yoga's team of instructors is very unique, offering a harmony of the body and mind, a feeling of being whole, complete and connected within, as well as helping build community.

"It is so easy to be lonely in this digital age," Kaur explains. "Loneliness effects everyone. We feel pride in seeing that people are coming here without knowing each other, but they are becoming friends and we are connecting the community."

Join their community today. Try the introductory offer for 30 days of an unlimited authentic yoga experience at Jai Yoga Studio. Call 778-886-6520, visit their website at www.jai-yoga.comor send an email to hello@jai-yoga.com. Jai Yoga is located on Austin Avenue at Gatensbury Street in Coquitlam – a convenient, central location with ample free underground parking at the rear of the building.

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