Enjoy your home to the fullest this summer thanks to TriCity Home Reno Stars

Maybe you love throwing backyard barbecues, hosting houseguests or just having a sanctuary where your family feels like they can relax away from the heat. No matter how you like to fill these summer days, you may be feeling like your house isn’t quite up to the task recently. Our rainy spring and early summer took a toll on our summer fun, and it may also have taken its toll on your home.

Whether you’re inviting guests to a party, to stay for a visit or just over for a quick chitchat, you want your house to feel welcoming and fresh. And there are so many ways to improve the ambiance of your home, both inside and outside the house.

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You might have grand ideas for a home project, but your house is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life - you don’t want to throw away value with a poorly-executed DIY project. So where do you start?

The ­TriCity News has curated a list of home renovation experts who can help you start and finish your project – without the stress of doing it all yourself. These Home Reno Stars can get your renovation or redesign on its way so you can get back to entertaining sooner.

Hiring trusted experts means that you won’t have to waste these beautiful summer days by struggling through a DIY experiment. Whether you want to redesign one room, revamp your deck or renovate your whole house, Home Reno Stars has a choice for you.

You can enjoy this time with friends and families in a welcoming home, while still getting your dream home improvement project done. Find out how your local Home Reno Stars can help.

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