Evergreen celebrates 21st year, bringing even more culture to the Tri-Cities

If there is one thing David Mann knows, it is how to entertain the masses. As the Performing Arts Manager at Evergreen Cultural Centre, he is the man behind the scenes, selecting choice acts and orchestrating events for the community’s enjoyment. He said he believes in the power of the arts; not only bringing people in touch with art forms that enrich their lives, but bringing the community together.

“It’s been shown over and over again, with studies and surveys, that the public recognizes the value of arts and culture. It tends to create healthier communities, both mentally and physically,” Mann said. “And you see that happening here at Evergreen Cultural Centre.”

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As the visual and performing arts hub of the Tri-Cities, Evergreen is celebrating a new era with the inception of its 21st year. “We’re moving into a new decade and we feel that there is a great future here,” Mann said.

He is not only talking about the season celebration kicking off in September, nor is he talking about this year’s line-up of acts, workshops, and events – but for future expansion. Mann said that Evergreen “needs to get bigger, in terms of the physical capacity that we have here.”

With that expansion, Evergreen wants to grow with its community. “That is why we are introducing this new flex pack,” Mann explained. As a result of the restructuring of Evergreen’s ticket sale options, the Centre is now introducing flex packages, or subscription packs. Designed to encourage attendance at a variety of different shows, these packages give people the chance to watch something they might not have before, at a price that encourages you to do so. Some of the shows include magic, dance, and comedy shows.

“It’s a great way to build your own entertainment package, and the more you build it the more you save,” Mann said.

To find out more about Evergreen Cultural Centre, visit www.evergreenculturalcentre.ca, call 604-927-6555, or drop in at 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam. You can also find Evergreen Cultural Centre on Facebook.

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