Feline friends: How to make vet visits less stressful for cats

Having your pet seem unhappy or under the weather can be one of the most confounding and helpless situations every pet owner experiences. For cat lovers, it can be more complex.

“Cats occupy this very special niche; they are predators but they are also prey,” said Dr. Leah Montgomery, the veterinarian at Meadow Brook Cat Clinic. This peculiar and primal instinct in cats influences the way they act, react, and should be treated. “If you put your cat in a typical veterinary hospital – where things tend to be very busy, very loud, with lots of not necessarily well-behaved dogs sticking their noses into the cats’ carriers – cats tend to be very insecure, anxious, and nervous,” she explained.

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This is why Montgomery opened Meadow Brook Cat Clinic, a calm, low-stress, fear-free facility where owners, and more importantly cats, can rest at ease in a clinic that is designed to meet their needs.

With quiet phones, quiet voices, and little background sound, Meadow Brook Cat Clinic is tailored around creating a calm and relaxing environment for cats. Thirty-minute appointments allow cats to get comfortable with their surroundings. “We take things at the cat’s own pace,” Montgomery assured. Small details, like how the exam room feels like a living room fit with a carpet and cat tree, are part of the reason why cats just seem more at home at Meadow Brook Cat Clinic.

Every thoughtful detail stems from Montgomery’s passion for cats. “Ever since I can remember that being a vet was a job, it’s all I ever wanted to do,” she said. Now, with her Port Coquitlam cat clinic, Montgomery is able to provide the one and only place cat guardians will ever need to bring their cat, in a specialized facility designed for cats and cats only.

To learn more about Meadow Brook Cat Clinic, visit www.coolcatvet.com, call 604-944-7297, or email meadowbrook@coolcatvet.com

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