Here’s how to make old cupboards look new without dust or toxic fumes

Being able to make your kitchen cabinets look like new without creating dust or toxic fumes is usually unheard of in the world of refinishing.

But that’s what makes Gleam Guard Dustfree Wood Refinishing stand out. By using a cleaning method developed and perfected by company founder Tracy Booth, cabinets can be given new life without the need of sanding or noxious chemicals.

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“Customers have gone to work in the morning and come home that night only to be astonished that their kitchen has a totally new look,” Booth says. But what surprises them even more — apart from the fact they’ve found a company that lives up to its word — is how clean their kitchen is with no bothersome chemical smells.

Creating a dust- and fume-free system is as good for his staff’s health as it is for his clients’.

“You get off gases from oil-based finishes and when you sand it, that fine dust goes into people’s lungs,” he says. “Our system takes a substantial amount of professional work but it’s less labour than refinishing the traditional way. We can produce a result that lets us charge less.”

It’s also a lot less expensive — and better for sustainability — than replacing aging cabinets. While it can cost upwards of $30,000 to buy and install new kitchen cabinets, Gleam Guard costs between $2,000 and $4,000 depending on the number and size of cabinets.

The restoration process also helps cabinets that aren’t showing their age. Booth calls it “perfect improvements.”

“Even though we refinish cabinets that look bad, we also refinish cabinets that look good and make them look pristine. I do a lot of work where cabinets don’t look bad to start with but they look much better once we’re finished refreshing them. “

Booth gets a lot of personal satisfaction by helping people. That’s why he has no plans for retirement. “It’s important to serve other people. That’s how we were made. It also gives me that element of fulfillment. I enjoy helping people.”

If you’d like to see how Gleam Guard can transform your kitchen, “we offer to do a test door for free so they can see the workmanship before they would hire us,” Booth says, adding that this company has an A+ rating from BBB. “We do not take down payments; we are paid when the job gets completed.”

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