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Home renovation firm brings passion to every individualized project

Work estimates from Magnum Construction are all-inclusive, so no one is surprised by additional costs during the job
Mai & Yosef MCS (1)
Mai Eilia and Yosef Pharaon of Magnum Construction services.

For Mai Eilia and Yosef Pharaon of Magnum Construction services, home renovation projects aren’t just about quickly moving from one job to another — they are about connecting with homeowners to deliver the living space of their dreams.

“We spend a lot of time figuring out our clients’ needs and wants. Our service is tailor-maid and customized, based on the client’s needs and wishes,” Pharaon says.

“We really care about the client and their home at the end of it. It’s not just about churning out jobs; we’re very interested in cultivating a personal relationship. 

Formed in New Westminster in 2017, Magnum Construction has already set itself apart for excellence, being named as one of the Top 5 companies in the 2020 BC Small Business Awards.

“We’re always trying our best to stick to our commitments. If we say we’re going to make something happen, we make it happen,” Pharaon says.

The team’s services are in even higher demand now that COVID-19 has forced many people to spend more time at home than ever before. As a result, Magnum Construction has helped many clients maximize their spaces to balance their work and lifestyle needs. 

They’ve recently added new members to their team to help better support their customers and guide them through the whole renovation process from room function to cost. They also started partnering with financial institutions to offer reasonable financing options to their clients.  

“Home renovations are a big deal. When you’re investing that money, you want to make sure you get the things you’ve always dreamed of,” Eilia says.

“We always make sure to ask the client a lot of questions so we can figure out exactly what they want. Then we design the plan that works for their budget and vision, ensuring we can achieve it for them.”

All of Magnum Construction's packages are customized and tailored to client needs. In addition, work estimates are all-inclusive, so no one is surprised by additional costs during the job. 

From start to finish, Magnum Construction will guide its clients through the renovation project to deliver exactly what they’re looking for. 

“We pride ourselves on the personalized touch,” Eilia says. 

To get started on the renovation of your dreams today, visit