How long does auto body repair work take?

You've had an accident and your vehicle needs some auto body repair work. So how long should you have to wait until you can get your car back on the road?

"There's no hard and fast rule," says Mike Khan, owner of Coquitlam Express Auto Body. "But at Coquitlam Express Auto Body we pride ourselves on providing an estimate of not only the cost of the work to be done, but also a timeline for completion."

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Mike notes that there are a number of factors beyond the control of the auto body shop that can affect how long you need to wait.

"Obviously, the first thing is the extent of the damage," Mike explains. "A minor fender bender is likely to take less time to repair than a head-on collision. Having said that, what looks like a minor fender bender could end up requiring extensive repair for unseen damage."

At Coquitlam Express Auto Body, Mike and his team keep the customer informed every step of the way.

"After the original estimate, we'll be in touch if anything changes," says Mike. "There are no surprises."

The timing of your accident could also affect how long the repair work can take.

"We do our best to accommodate emergencies and rush work," says Mike, "but sometimes a vehicle will be brought in just before a long-weekend or at peak holiday times. When the shop is closed for a statutory holiday or the repair bay is full, it may take a little longer."

Customers can find the process for estimating repairs and completing work on Coquitlam Express Auto Body's website.

"Customer satisfaction is our number one priority," says Mike. "We'll give you an estimate of the time needed and we'll let you know if that is likely to change."

For more information on Coquitlam Express Auto Body and their services call 778.398.1777, check out their website, send them an email or visit the shop at #9-910 Tupper Avenue, Coquitlam.

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