How one woman is leading the Tri-Cities to awakened consciousness & inner peace.

“Meditating allowed me to connect with my soul with focused vision,” said Regina Kaiser, entrepreneur-turned-meditation guru and cicerone of inner peace.

Kaiser, herself, was inspired by the powerful benefits of meditating, which ultimately prompted her to create Veracis® almost two decades ago to offer meditation classes, yoga and holistic services to the people in the Tri-Cities seeking to create inner peace and balanced wholeness . The main program at the centre is an advanced meditation that anyone can learn.

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“The meditation we do at Veracis® creates awareness that allows people to change their own lives in an uplifting way that is easy to do with our experienced instructors” she said. “We teach you techniques to align with your inner peaceful self; to clear away the limitations you may be using to make yourself feel better,” Kaiser, an intuitive healer, said. Additional benefits are long lasting changes to the unhealthy patterns in your life.

With qualified professionals who teach you how to be present in your body, Veracis®’ approach focuses on how to make changes from within.

With that in mind, Kaiser, who started one of the first non-religious meditation centres in the Lower Mainland, stresses that you do not need to have an issue or problem to meditate. Many people who have a desire for change or want to improve their lifestyle find their way to the centre. Though it is often the case that something physical, emotional, or mental impacts our lives. Take for instance high levels of stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, insomnia, menopause, cancer and loss; these are some of the common reasons Kaiser sees people coming into the centre in search for relief with a more natural approach to wholeness.

Kaiser asks the question: “Why would you wait until something is causing you suffering?” By taking the steps to make a maintenance program part of your life you are better able to face challenges as they arise.

A natural healing approach for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being includes discovering who you are, what you want, all in a supportive, welcoming environment.

To find more about Veracis, go to, call 60-461-5511, or email You can also find Veracis Meditation, Yoga and Wellness Centre on Facebook.

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