How to dress for your body type

Before you can find that perfect outfit that gives you confidence and compliments, you first need to understand your body type and which styles are most flattering for you.

Nancy Gattey of Port Coquitlam’s Creekside Fashions has been in the clothing industry for nearly four decades and she offers some tips for different women’s body types.

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“Women should learn about their body type and what suits them,” she says. “That saves them a lot of time when they go shopping because they’ve got a clearer idea of what styles will work for them and make them look great.”

She uses four different categories of body types to help find just the right fit for her clients.

1.     Circle Shape. A little fuller through the stomach area. This body type really suits a flowy top that conceals the midsection. Gattey suggests pairing this with either leggings or skinny jeans because this body type usually has slim legs. “So then the focus shifts to the legs.” Need something dressier? She suggests a shift dress with heels to give you a bit of height.

2.     Triangle Shape. These women are narrower through the shoulders and broader through the hips so they need to find things that will balance them out. “Usually a wider-leg pant, like a trouser, would be more flattering and a structured jacket is usually best for making them more proportional.”

3.     Hour-glass Shape. Very balanced and curvy, so they need to have very fitted styles to show off their curves. “You put them into a flowy top and it just looks like they are wearing a tent,” says Gattey. “You need something that comes in at the waist, and fits their curves, that’s what works best for them.” Gattey suggests something like a wrap-dress or pencil skirt with a fitted top with an open neckline.

4.     Rectangular Shape. These women need to have clothing that gives them a bit of shape. “Things that fit snugly at the waist and sort of flare out a little bit and create curves. That works for them. A little jacket that tapers in at the waist and bootcut pant gives them a more flattering look,” Gattey says. 

For more helpful information about women’s fashions check out and ‘like’ Creekside Fashions on Facebook, call them at 604-942-8554 or visit them at 3325 Coast Meridian Rd. in Port Coquitlam.

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