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Inexpensive window decals will boost your store's revenue during peak season

Young local sign company from Port Coquitlam is ready to provide an excellent product at a price at least 25% lower than on the market
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Window decals are more versatile and cost-efficient compared to traditional signage.

One of the most effective tools for advertising your business is professional signage. And Quarter Cheaper Signs Ltd. in Port Coquitlam is living up to its name to provide customers with the latest sign-printing technology at an affordable price.

“We produce window decals that are easy to put up, less expensive, and don’t require bylaw approval to install like traditional, exterior signage,” says Alexander Khloyanov, who runs Quarter Cheaper Signs Ltd., which, like its name suggests, vows to save customers at least 25% on signage costs over its competitors.

Customers can choose from two different types of window decals. One uses adhesive on the artwork to affix it to the interior of a widow, while the other employs a latex cling film that uses the static attraction of the sign material to stay in place.

Both forms are fade-resistant to sunlight, so the signage remains bright, clear and attractive for an extended period of time.

“An appealing storefront sign can make all the difference to your business,” Khloyanov says. “It gives you a professional and inviting first impression at a lower cost than you might think. Our technology allows the glass stickers to be installed from the inside of the room, so you can use them for years and they will still look good.”

Then there’s the convenience of using window decals instead of installing traditional signage that can both be costly and a potentially complicated process.

“Window decals do not require bylaw approvals,” Khloyanov adds. “They save you time and money. They are simple to put up, and you can make changes to them quickly and easily."

That allows clients to post limited-time messaging on their windows to highlight a sale or service.

“It might be for Halloween, for example,” Khloyanov says. “Then, after one or two months, you can re-do your window and put up signs for a Christmas sale. It’s quick and easy to make a change.”

Making all of this possible is a commitment to provide up-to-date technology to produce the signs.

“I am using the HP Latex 700W printer - and this is a game-changer,” Khloyanov explains. “Plus, I offer customers the work to design their signs for free.”

But with all of this - the materials, printing technology, and design assistance - how can customers still expect significant cost savings?

Khloyanov said it all has to do with his ability to pass along savings by keeping his operating expenses low.

“I run a small, family business and don’t have the high cost of paying rent for office space and for the franchise,” he says.

Plus, the turnaround time for most orders is one to two business days.

For more information about how Quarter Cheaper Signs Ltd. can provide your business signage needs quickly and cost effectively, visit their website at Why pay more when you can save 25%?