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Laser light therapy provides effective, non-toxic pain relief

In 2008, Dr. Pam Bennett first began incorporating laser light therapy into her practice at Tri-City Laser Light Therapy , and she’s never looked back.

In 2008, Dr. Pam Bennett first began incorporating laser light therapy into her practice at Tri-City Laser Light Therapy, and she’s never looked back.

“I’ve seen very positive results in patient recovery since introducing laser light therapy to our clinic,” says Bennett. “It has proven to be an extremely safe and highly effective treatment for pain relief and repair of damaged tissue, sports injuries, or degenerative conditions like arthritis.”

Laser light therapy, or low-intensity laser therapy as it is sometimes called, involves the application of light energy tuned to specific wavelengths on a particular area of the body. The laser stimulates the body’s natural repair process.

“People assume that cold laser is dangerous, or is a new, unproven therapy,” says Dr. Bennett. “But cold laser was developed over 50 years ago, and in millions of patient treatments, there has never been a single adverse event or side effect.”

Cells respond to laser treatment by releasing beta-endorphins (natural painkillers), beta cortisol (natural anti-inflammatory hormones), and growth hormone. These are released at levels that stimulate the repair of damaged tissues, the reduction of inflammation, and ultimately, pain reduction.

“After using laser light therapy, our patients are usually able to reduce the use of pharmaceutical pain medication, have improved function of damaged tissues and joints, and return to a more active lifestyle,” says Dr. Bennett.

As the light is applied at a low level, it does not destroy or cut the tissue. Rather, it stimulates and encourages cells to function, promoting positive functions such as collagen formation, cellular metabolism, angiogenesis, lymphatic flow (reducing swelling), and energy production.

The treatment, says Dr. Bennet, is both a cost-effective alternative to pharmaceuticals and comes with no side effects.

Tri-City Laser Light Therapy Inc., is now the largest laser clinic in the Tri-Cities area. Located in Coquitlam, the clinic boasts a team of five certified laser therapists including a registered physiotherapist and Dr. Bennett, Doctor of Chiropractic.

To find out more about laser light therapy, visit Dr. Pam Bennett’s website, call 778-285-2737, or visit Tri-City Laser Light Therapy at Unit 215—3030 Lincoln Avenue in Coquitlam.