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Mike von Siemens is a man on a mission: cleaning your carpets, upholstery, and bed mattresses of dirt, dust, allergens, and pollutants.

"Clean carpets not only look good," he explains, "but they help keep your house healthier. For example, pollen season is April and May, but if you don't get the pollen particulate out of your carpets, you could still be suffering from allergies in November and December."

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After many years in the automotive and restaurant industry, Mike was approached by the owner of a cleaning company who suggested he had the right attitude and personal touch to succeed in the carpet cleaning business.

"I hadn't actually thought about carpet cleaning as a career before” Mike says, “ but I've been in the business now for over 12 years and really enjoy the customer interaction and the instant gratification that a clean carpet brings my customers."

"The benefit of being a small company," Mike explains, "is that the customer knows who they are dealing with. When they refer me to their friends or family, as many of my customers do, they know that I'll be the guy who will be going over to their house. With a larger firm, that's not always the case."

In addition to keeping your house looking bright and allergen-free, regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning will prolong the life of any carpet.

"Most manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 – 18 months," Mike says. "When dust and allergens land on a carpet, they start to scratch the fibres – much like dirt on a water bottle. Once that happens, even after the carpet is cleaned, there will always be more of a shadow or a traffic lane on the carpet from the damage done to the fibres."

To people who think that renting a carpet cleaning machine from the local supermarket can do the same job, Mike has a word of advice:

"You can go to the hardware store and buy nails and wood, but would you want to build your own house?" he laughs. "The biggest reason for professional cleaning is my experience. There is no one miracle cleaner to remove all stains and dirt, I use different products on different spots. What I use on a tea stain is different to what I use on a red wine stain or a pet stain. And don't forget, what will take you four hours or more, I can get done in just over one."

For more information on Mikey's Carpet Care or to book an appointment, call 778.242.5512, email, or check out the website. Mikey's Carpet Care can also be found on Facebook.

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