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Profiles of Excellence: Brian Lamb Marketing and Associates

Brian Lamb has been selling homes in the Tri-Cities for over four decades
Today’s clients are looking for guidance, patience and solid advice.

Experience and integrity matter in real estate, especially now as the COVID-19 pandemic injects uncertainty into the market.

But for Brian Lamb, who has been selling homes in the Tri-Cities for over four decades, the recent market swings are dynamics he has seen before.

And while it’s stressful for homebuyers and sellers alike to deal with a constantly changing economic landscape, Lamb says his knowledge and experience from years of working in the Tri-Cities can help clients find the ideal home or guide them to obtaining the best price for their home.

“You could say our local knowledge is our biggest asset,” says Lamb, “Being a realtor for 40 years, I’ve seen the region grow and change.”

Having grown up in the Tri-Cities, and raising his children here, Lamb says he is comfortable every time he recommends a home or area to his clients—he has that insiders’ knowledge.

Lamb is joined by his wife, Marcela, and sons, Kyle and Riley—their business is truly a family one.

“Good advice is key,” says Lamb, and especially important now as government disclosure rules require more detailed client information, market volatility requires more stringent risk analysis, changes in the condo market require enhanced due diligence and COVID-19 requires new business practices.

But adapting to new market realities is nothing new for team Lamb. They love all challenges.

Over the years, Lamb has seen the real estate business change as more players arrived to work in the local market, different housing forms with zoning changes, and the population has grown more diverse. As well, new technology has transformed the relationship between realtor and client.

Providing up-to-date listings, price and sales data is now a small part of the job, says Lamb.

“People are already well briefed. Today’s clients are looking for guidance, patience and solid advice. They are looking to us for help to make sure their investment is productive or their new home meets their needs. The guidance we offer is significant as it comes with longevity, integrity and experience.”

For example, Lamb says he has a strong reputation in the Tri-Cities as a fair dealer, which can help clients when they are dealing with a multiple offer situation. This is one of the most stressful and toughest situations to deal with—experience though, will guide his clients to the finish line.

In every real estate transaction, it’s important to treat clients with respect, care and calmness, Lamb says, and his goal is to provide the best advice and service possible even during these challenging times.

Whether it be a senior looking to down-size or a young family looking for their first home, he says Brian Lamb Marketing and Associates will provide each client with personal, individual service that enables them to achieve their home-owning dream.

“I think I set the bar high for service. I would hope clients would say we treated them well, we gave them straight and honest advice, and they would definitely refer me to their family or friends.”

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