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Profiles of Excellence: Glacier Media Digital

Glacier Media Digital can tailor your campaign to ensure your success in the digital marketplace
Neeta Dhillon and Manny Kang.

For more than 30 years, the Tri-City News
 has been reaching readers, customers and community leaders with important stories and eye-catching media campaigns.

But now, with the digital revolution in full swing, new platforms and opportunities have presented themselves, giving the Tri-City News much greater reach through its Glacier Media Digital advertising agency.

Whether you’re a local Coquitlam retailer looking to expand online, a charity promoting a key fundraiser or a dentist opening a new office, Glacier Media Digital’s Manny Kang and Neeta Dhillon can tailor your campaign to ensure your success in the digital marketplace.

Together they have years of traditional advertising and online marketing experience to help their customers succeed in the digital marketplace.

“Working with local business owners and seeing them succeed with their online presence is a big reward for me,” says Kang, director of digital sales. “I take great pride in ‘doing the right thing’ by our client.”

There’s no question that the digital marketplace has become increasingly competitive. At the same time, there are many options for getting your company’s name in front of your customer. Determining what works best for you and developing a plan for your company to rise above the digital “noise” is the goal.

Through their guidance, Kang and Dhillon can help their clients craft the ideal digital marketing campaign.

While many agencies can sell Google ads, Facebook ads and SEO, the two recognize it’s not a one-size fits all world anymore, and say creativity matters when it comes to the business of attracting online customers.

“We need to customize your outreach to the marketplace and bring along fresh ideas and creativity that will drive overall success,” says Kang.

Dhillon and Kang are not alone in this endeavour. They are part of a dedicated team of journalists, sales consultants, distribution workers, graphic artists and newspaper carriers who work at the Tri-City News.

In each step of the creative process, Kang and Dhillon have a strong support team to help bring
a client project to fruition—from design through production and including follow up data for measuring the success of the targeted campaign.

It’s an increasingly complex job given the changes
in reader and consumer habits, according to Kang. While many are familiar with the newspaper that lands on their doorstep every Thursday, others are enjoying reading their local news online at, and on Instagram and Facebook.

With more people doing their shopping online during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more readers turning to the Tri-City News for up-to-date coverage of the pandemic and how it’s affecting their community, digital platforms are becoming an integral part of community life.

As well, the Tri-City News is keen to support small businesses by backing shop local campaigns and hosting educational seminars through the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce.

“As a company making the transition to digital communication ourselves, and with experience in traditional as well as digital marketing, we believe we are uniquely positioned to assist local companies in their own digital transformation,” says Kang.

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