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Profiles of Excellence: PDG Pediatric Dental Group

PDG offers an array of services for residents living in the Tri-Cities and around the Lower Mainland

“For a Lifetime of Smiles” is the motto of PDG Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, a large business in Metro Vancouver that has an office in Coquitlam.

Since opening in 2005 in the heart of the City Centre neighbourhood, PDG staff have seen thousands of families over the years — providing a fun, friendly place for kids and their caregivers to get their teeth checked while also learning about oral health.

In fact, PDG has been such a staple in the community that it has seen the children of former customers come in to get their dental work done, too.

“Because we’ve been around for so long, we get different generations of the same families coming to us,” Dr. Scheideman says. “A mother who used to be our patient now brings her kids.”

Owned by eight paediatric dentists and orthodontists, PDG offers an array of services for residents living in the Tri-Cities and around the Lower Mainland.

In paediatric dentistry — a field that requires another two to three years of specialized training — the doctors provide individualized care including different types of sedation when needed to ensure children have a positive experience in the dentist’s chair while getting the work done.

For orthodontics, the dentists can also use a number of gentle treatments geared for the little ones—from creating room for crowded erupting teeth to reducing time with braces and correcting cross bites, among other things.

And, if traditional braces or Invisalign are required, PDG has got that covered, too.

“As a paediatric dental and orthodontist office, we provide certified specialists who provide comprehensive care for residents of the Lower Mainland and the Tri-City area,” Scheideman says, adding, “Our paediatric dentists are able to provide individualized care in a fun, patient-focused environment.”

To help alleviate fear and anxiety among the younger clients, PDG also offers top-notch technology to provide tailored options for oral care. 

That, and exceptional customer service, give the business an edge over its competitors.

“We believe it is important to make an impact on your child from the initial appointment,” Scheideman says. “We want your child to feel safe and comfortable when visiting the dentist to create a lifetime of healthy smiles.”

Scheideman adds, “We also believe the parents are an important part of any child’s treatment and strive to provide a personalized approach to your child’s dental care, providing the parent with all the options for their child so that we can come up with a proper plan for your child.”

But PDG also stands out because of its community involvement. Over the years, the business has supported several sports teams in the Tri-Cities and has been part of Festival Coquitlam’s Teddy Bear Picnic and the Port Moody Rotary RibFest.

PDG pays it forward because of its commitment to its clients, who have supported the business — even during the tough times of the pandemic over the past two years. The provincial health restrictions brought new challenges for the industry, which was forced to work with limited resources and capacity.

“PDG has very rigorous cleaning and sterilization protocols but we needed to create an environment where socialized distancing, pre-visit screening, and mask protocols were implemented in the offices,” Scheideman says. “It is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable when they come for their dental visit.”

As for moving forward in a post-pandemic world, PDG says it will stay on track and find new ways to improve “to make our existing and new patients satisfied with the service and experience we provide. Our goal is to make the difference in the community, bringing convenience and personalized services to each and every person that walks in through our doors.”

Still, what puts a smile on the faces of PDG dentists and staff? “The biggest compliment for us is when our employees and patients refer new patients to us because they are so happy with their experiences at PDG.”

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