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Profiles of Excellence: Windsor Plywood Coquitlam

Windsor Plywood is the go-to home finishing store for contractors and homeowners from all over the Lower Mainland

In an era of big box stores and online shopping, it’s not easy to find a business where the owners and staff treat you like a member of their family. 

But at Windsor Plywood in Coquitlam, a family-owned and operated business since 1998, customers are treated like family with personal service and advice to help with their home improvement projects, says Nicole Parsons. 

“Growing up in the store, we learned the value of customer service as we watched our father interact with customers and always put them first. Decades later, this remains the foundation of our company,” says Parsons, who operates the Coquitlam home finishing store with her brother Rob Grant. 

From their early days working in the store, putting stock on the shelves and helping customers, Grant and Parsons have always enjoyed the business. 

As with many family businesses, the hope is to keep the succession going with each new generation and continue the legacy. 

For this family that hope has become reality. 

As of Nov. 1, 2021, Windsor Plywood Coquitlam has been passed from one generation to the next. 

The legacy continues where customer service starts with a warm greeting, everyone is treated as family and building strong relationships is a foundational value. 

“Having a family succession has been our parents dream for many years. To see this happening has made us all proud of the hard work and dedication from the family and the supportive staff. We are reminded of how lucky we are to have a fantastic team and excellent customers.”

“None of this would be possible without them,” Parsons says. “As we work together, great things happen!”  

Located off the Barnet Highway, Windsor Plywood is the go-to home finishing store for contractors and homeowners from all over the Lower Mainland. 

They carry a variety of products to help make your house your home. 

Among the products available are interior and exterior doors, primed and hardwood mouldings and trim, live edge mantles and slabs, vinyl flooring, plywood, panelling, decking, and many other finishing products for your home. 

Windsor Plywood offers plywood cutting for your projects and it has a door shop that has many options for you — from custom-sized doors to installation. 

“One of the most popular options in the door shop is our machine-to-match service. This service allows the customer to leave their old door jambs in place and just replace the door. We offer this service for interior and exterior doors,” says Grant.

”What gives Windsor Plywood an edge over the competition is our willingness to help. Everyone is welcome, and we value them by giving them our very best customer service, every time,” Parsons says.

With growing demand Windsor Plywood is looking to hire more staff, expand their current product lines and create more workspace to help their customers. 

”As we, Rob and Nicole, move forward with this succession, there will be a renewed energy with our team. We have been running this business for many years as a team and look forward to many more.”

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