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Strategic planning is key for business growth and success

Local consultants can help get your organization on a path to success
SME Strategy helps companies get aligned and clear on where they want to go.

Businesses and large organizations: What does 100% success in three years look like to you?

If you polled your senior leadership team, would you all have the same answer?

If not, you are in need of some strategic planning.

“Strategy is about choices. Strategic planning really helps people to decide what to focus on so they can succeed,” managing partner of SME Strategy Anthony Taylor says.

Established in 2011, SME Strategy is a management consulting company that helps companies all over the world get aligned and clear on where they want to go and what they need to do to get there.

Some of the organizations they have worked with in the past include University of British Columbia, Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, Cleantech Service Group, HydraMaster and many more.

Taylor was inspired to start SME Strategy after his time working on the board of a local non-profit. 

“I found that the people I was working with were well-intentioned but they didn’t have the process, structure or clarity to make an impact,” Taylor says.

After completing his business degree and spending a significant amount of time researching strategic planning, Taylor wanted to focus on helping organizations succeed.

“If you don’t have clear expectations, it can cause frustration,” Taylor says.

“You need to give people a foundation to be successful.”

One of the traps organizations can fall into is taking on too much without prioritizing what is truly important. This leads to burnout, lack of efficiency and increased staff turnover.

“Strategic planning elevates everybody’s capacity,” Taylor says.

“We have our own proprietary process for strategic planning that helps teams get clear on one destination, and helps them avoid the multiple destination trap.”

While it may seem costly to bring in an outside consultant to engage your team in strategic planning, it’s an investment in your organization’s future growth and success.

“Our fee is easily eclipsed by the success you’ll have. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it compared to the alternative to floundering and frustration,” Taylor says.

“We have the process, the system, the tools and the expertise to help teams get to where they want to go.”

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