Survival Kits aren't just for earthquakes

Everyone knows that the west coast is due for an earthquake at some point, but are we prepared for other natural disasters? The same survival kit that can be bought for earthquake preparedness will also serve as a grab-and-go bag for any number of emergencies.

In British Columbia, we don't see the magnitude of natural disasters as do other areas of the continent or world, but, according to the "Get Prepared" website of the federal government, British Columbia is at particular risk for other catastrophic events such as avalanches, floods, landslides, and wild fires in addition to earthquakes.

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Even something as simple as an extended power outage, similar to those experienced in the province of New Brunswick in early 2017, bring home the need to be able to cook, obtain clean water, and keep warm until the power is restored or help arrives.

BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies is a local family-run disaster preparedness company and offers a variety of survival and first aid kits designed to keep us all self-sufficient in an emergency. Contents vary, but include items such as:

·       First aid kit

·       Food bars

·       Water packs

·       Whistle

·       Blanket

·       Emergency ponchos

·       Cold packs

·       Candle and matches

·       Foldable camp stove and heat

·       Emergency cube tent

“Over the past couple of  years we’ve seen significant fires and flooding here in Canada and your survival kit might be the only thing you have time to grab in an emergency” says owner of BC Quake and Community Fire Prevention Brett Johnston.

Kits are pre-made for one to five individuals and there are special kits for groups of 15 or more for sports teams or organizations. BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies also sell individual items for topping up or replenishing existing kits.

Keeping a disaster preparedness kit in your vehicle is also a good idea, according to "Get Prepared". Snow, black ice, wind, and even breakdowns or minor accidents can result in motorists being stranded for a period of time.

In February 2017, the Coquihalla highway was closed for almost 24 hours and motorists were left to fend for themselves after freezing rain and temperatures created unsafe driving conditions. Many motorists complained of the cold, hunger, and relying on melted snow to keep hydrated. An emergency kit would supply blankets to keep warm and water purifying tablets to ensure a safe drinking source.

For more information on BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies and their products, call 604.945.0001, visit the website, email, or stop by their location at 107 – 1320 Kingsway Ave., Port Coquitlam. BC Quake can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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