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The Hitched Magazine Wedding Guide

Wedding season is fast approaching.
The Hitched Magazine Wedding Guide

Wedding season is fast approaching. Whether you’re preparing for your own nuptials, you’re a parent of the bride or you’re part of a wedding entourage, if there is a wedding in your future chances are you’re on the market for retailers and service-providers who can support you in a variety of areas.

If it’s your own nuptials you’re preparing for, you’ll likely be on the hunt for a wedding-planning company, a decorator, a florist, a catering company, a photographer, a hair stylist and a makeup artist, and of course—a bridal salon. Oh, and don’t forget to book the venue—which is actually the first thing you should cross off your to-do list.

Are you part of the bridal party? You’ll also likely be planning your wedding attire and accessories, as well as shopping for gifts you will bestow on the bride and groom on the big day. To look your best you’ll want to call on the services of a makeup boutique, a hair salon or barber shop, a nail salon and a tanning salon, among others.

And if you’re responsible for planning the bachelorette party, there are many services out there that can support you in organizing a shindig for the record books. These bachelorette party-planning services can help ease the stress and pressure on you and ensure the party goes off without a hitch.

But as any bride, (bridezilla), or wedding attendee knows, not all wedding services are the same. Which is why we’ve done the research for you by creating a curated list of the top wedding service-providers in the Tri-Cities area.

The Hitched Magazine Wedding Guide is your one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related.

We trust that it will help make your upcoming nuptial celebrations as smooth and memorable as possible!