The surprising remedy for low-back pain

For sufferers of persistent low-back pain, turning for help from someone dubbed “the Vagina Coach” may not seem like the logical next step, but it may just be the solution you never knew existed.

Kim Vopni has helped people strengthen their pelvic floor muscles since the early days of her career, the benefit is a reduction or elimination of back pain that experts say affects 80 percent of people at some point in their lives.

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For women, the correlation is surprising. In one study, “over 95 percent of women who had back pain had pelvic floor dysfunction,” says Vopni. “Specifically, 71% of the participants had pelvic floor muscle tenderness, 66% had pelvic floor weakness and 41% were found to have a pelvic organ prolapse.”

Despite most women with back pain having pelvic floor issues, there’s a misconception among some who believe that their ability to do “strong” Kegel exercises means their pelvic floor muscles are just dandy but the pelvic floor is part of a team and optimal function means synergy amongst the team members.  Some muscles can be weak while others may be over-working and this, along with poor sitting posture can often be the source of low back pain.

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily the pelvic floor that’s the problem, but the tag-team efforts faltering between the transversus abdominus, a deep abdominal muscle, and the pelvic floor muscles since both should fire in tandem but often don’t. This can often be resolved with simple exercises.

With so many potential causes behind pelvic floor dysfunction, Vopni recommends those with low back pain to consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist for a full assessment and then adopt a kegel lifestyle. Vopni offers virtual coaching and online programs like her physician and physio approved 28 Day “Buff Muff” Challenge that has helped hundreds of women improve function and reduce or eliminate symptoms like back pain and pelvic floor weakness. 

After 16 years of helping people strengthen their pelvic floor and transform their core fitness, Vopni says as little as five to ten minutes of exercise daily, can change lives. For those who’d like a consult with Vopni in person, they can book through her website.

For those whose finances don’t allow private consults, Vopni’s offering a discount on her app based pelvic floor fitness challenge. Use the code CANUCKPRICE to receive 30% off the registration price for her “Buff Muff” program, which addresses pelvic floor issues that can improve back health too. Learn more on her website.

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