Top 3 reasons to pre-plan your funeral

All too often, we put off the inevitable, especially the planning for the end of our lives.

Maria Oliveira, who along with husband Antonio (Tony), manages the Oliveira Funeral Home in Port Coquitlam, has counseled many people over the years about the importance of end of life planning. She offers these great reasons for preplanning and prepaying for your funeral or other end of life service.

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1.     Lock in at today’s prices

“People don’t often think about the cost of a funeral or memorial service,” Maria says. “My parents didn’t. They planned their funeral, but they didn’t think about the cost of the service. When you prepay your funeral, you not only save your loved ones from having to make financial decisions at a very emotional time, but you lock in at today’s prices. It makes sense on so many levels.”

To help with the cost today, Oliveira Funeral Home accepts a 25 percent down payment with the balance financed over five years, interest free. The money is held in trust and Oliveira will work with another funeral home in the event you move and want to be buried elsewhere.


2.     Let your family know your plans

“Many people don’t talk to their kids or their parents about end of life decisions,” says Maria. “When the time comes, you want your loved ones to know your wishes. Do you want a full funeral service with a burial, or perhaps just a graveside service? Orwould you prefer cremation and no service at all? Whatever you choose, it makes so much sense to relieve your loved ones of the guesswork at their time of grieving.”


3.     Preserve the life insurance

Oliveira Funeral Home believes that life insurance is for the living, not the deceased. Insurance can help your family adjust to the loss of income that the loss of a family member often causes. Without prearrangements, a significantportion of any insurance payout might need to be spenton the funeral and related items. This can add to the financial burden of the family and loved ones left behind.

Preplanning and prepaying for your end of life choices can save your family a lot of heartache and financial worries at a very emotional time.

“People forget that when they don’t plan for death,” says Maria, “they can’t be sure that their wishes will be honoured.”

For more information on Oliveira Funeral Home or to arrange a consultation for prearranging your funeral, call 604.942.7920, visit the website, email, or drop by the office at 2657 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam.

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