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What to look for the next time you visit a Greek restaurant

Greek cuisine is wildly popular these days, partly because it consists of such a wide range of flavours and food types.

Greek cuisine is wildly popular these days, partly because it consists of such a wide range of flavours and food types. So what should you look for when picking a Greek restaurant in the Lower Mainland?

According to Noori, CEO of Dinakis Mediterranean Grill, it’s all about the ingredients.

“Customers shouldn’t just settle for good,” says Noori, whose restaurant was voted the People’s Choice Best Greek Restaurant for for the past six years. “They should expect the very best.”

Opening its doors in 2010, Dinakis Mediterranean Grill has earned a reputation for serving some of the best authentic Greek food in the Lower Mainland, including such popular dishes as roast lamb, dry ribs, moussaka, and tiramisu.

“We draw from many different segments of the population – young people, seniors, different cultures, genders and languages,” he says. “That’s the beauty of authentic Greek cuisine and brings people together: there’s something for everyone.”

Here are Noori’s suggestions for what to look for when planning your next authentic Greek dining experience:

1.     Make sure it’s homemade: Roast lamb, lamb souvlaki and moussaka are three customer-favourites at Dinakis Mediterranean Grill, but that wouldn’t be the case if they weren’t made from scratch, says Noori.

Consider the moussaka,” he says. “It has multiple layers, so if it’s not fresh and it’s not made from scratch—and if the chef hasn’t put her love and passion into each step of the process—the effect is compounded and the dish will suffer. If layered food is just slapped together, the customer will know right away.”

2.     Where does the food come from? “The uniqueness and authenticity of the food starts before the preparation,” says Noori. “It’s not just the ingredients, it’s where you buy them from. The right supplier can make all the difference.”

3.     How is the food presented? “When we cook, plate and present the food, our goal is to highlight the uniqueness of the dish,” says Noori. “Certain flavours or sections of the food are emphasized. But this can only be done in an authentic setting with people who know the history of the food and the best way to present it.”

For more information about Dinakis Mediterranean Grill drop by their location at #101 – 2020 Oxford Connector, Port Coquitlam, visit their website, send an email or call directly at 604-472-3333. You can also find Dinakis Mediterranean Grill on Facebook and Twitter.