Why environmental flooring may help you live longer

As President of Nufloors Coquitlam, an award-winning flooring store that’s been serving residents in the Tri-Cities area for nearly thirty years, Niki Jacques has witnessed a lot of change in the home renovation industry.

And she sees a new trend emerging today that may actually improve your health: eco-friendly flooring.

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“Flooring is a significant investment, regardless of how big an area you’re trying to cover,” says Jacques, whose business has maintained an A+ by the BBB for the past 30 years. “Because of that, there is a tendency to just go with the cheapest option possible. As a result, a lot of people think that eco-friendly flooring is going to be too expensive and will limit their options. That’s not the case at all. And perhaps more importantly, eco-friendly flooring can have a positive impact on your long-term health.”

Here are four reasons for considering eco-friendly flooring for your next flooring job:

1.     There are plenty of options: While there might not be quite as many options as you have with traditional flooring, customers still have plenty to choose with eco-friendly flooring, says Jacques. “Cork, bamboo, leather, natural stone, reclaimed hardwood, wool carpet and concrete are all eco-friendly options that would make for a great and long-lasting beautiful touch for a home,” she adds.

2.     No Additional Chemicals:  When you choose an innovative sustainable floor for your house, you won’t have to use any chemical ingredients for its staining and installation since they can be ordered pre-finished. “This is extremely important for people suffering from various illnesses like asthma or allergies because wood is a hypo-allergic material itself,” says Jacques. “After all, you choose it because it’s natural!”

3.     Renewable: More detailed, eco-friendly flooring is made from renewable materials which come from sustainable forests and have been manufactured with what Jacques refers to as a “moral responsibility towards the environment”.

“These types of renewable materials require lower use of energy for timber production, use and disposal,” says Jacques, “plus carbon dioxide emissions are kept at the lower levels. Imagine that a tree captures big amounts of carbon while it grows. When this tree will become a floor, all this carbon will stay away from the atmosphere and that’s because wood has the ability to attract and store carbon inside it.”

In other words, these materials are coming from forests where new trees are planted to immediately replace those that have been cut down.

4.     An eco-friendly production process: “Reclaimed wood is a key factor in the production process,” says Jacques. “It’s used from trees that have already been cut down, used or lost in partial fires, and these woods are carefully processed so that metal (from nails), chemicals and other toxins are removed. It’s then remanufactured into suitable flooring.”

Offering an impressive range of flooring styles, colours, textures and finishes—not to mention installation warranties—Nufloors Coquitlam is located at 1100 Landsdowne Drive, Coquitlam. For more information about their flooring products and services, check out their  website, send them an email or call them directly at 604-942-4109. You can also find Nufloors Coquitlam on Facebook and Pinterest.

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