Why your funeral home should be part of a network

For Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Ocean View Funeral Home, being part of North America’s largest funeral corporation is a big advantage.

Dignity Memorial®, the largest network of funeral, cremation, and cemetery service providers on the continent, ensures easy communication and extensive services between funeral homes in different cities.

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“There are exclusive benefits that come with being part of such a vast network,” says Andrew Knapman, manager Forest Lawn Funeral Home. “Because we are part of Dignity Memorial®, we are part of the National Transferability Program, which allows people to transfer their pre-arranged and/or pre-funded funeral services to another city, if need be.”

In other words, if you’ve arranged a service in one city, but move to a different city, the corporation is easily able to transfer your arrangement to the nearest Dignity Memorial® funeral home.

“The same applies for snow birds,” says Knapman. “If you travel south for the winter and pass away in your winter home, we’ll take care of transferring the remains to your pre-arranged location. It’s much less work and cost for your loved ones at a very difficult time in their lives.”

Other services such as the 24-hour compassion line, the bereavement travel program, and the grief management library are easily accessible across Canada and the U.S. as well.

“Being attached to a trusted brand that’s been around for decades means our customers can expect a certain standard,” says Knapman. “Things aren’t going to differ from funeral home to funeral home. The brand ensures quality, value, caring service, and customer satisfaction.”

For more information on Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Ocean View Funeral Home, call 1-800-34-DIGNITY or go to the Forest Lawn website or the Ocean View website. Forest Lawn is at 3789 Royal Oak Ave. and Ocean View is at 4000 Imperial St.

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