Student Life: Providing the right guidance

Social media is constantly raging behind our phone screens with notifications about the newest scandal, the latest tragic news, and the alarming current events. 

There always seems to be something to pit us against each other and cloud our minds with prejudice. People can be easily impressionable and fall prey to ignorance, latching onto whatever angry mob is on the rise. 

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Fear overtakes us and drives us to make inconsiderate and intolerant assumptions. 

Being force-fed information like this daily can also add to an overwhelming sense of negativity.

Young people seem to experience first-hand exposure to this, whether it be online, at school, or even in their own homes. The buzz we hear around us may appear as only white noise if you’re not paying attention, but eventually, it will sink in. 

Sometimes, when we talk about change we’re only talking about the big picture, however, we won’t make much progress if we try to bite off more than we can chew. 

We cannot expect improvement from anyone unless we can set a good example. It’s important to realize that our words and actions carry weight to them, and when we mindlessly go along with the crowd or don’t think twice as to what’s coming out of our mouths, we risk hurting people and perpetuating biased opinions. You can teach an old dog new tricks, and although it takes time, it’s still worth trying. 

For the sake of future generations and the young ones growing up right now, we must provide the right guidance.

Macy How is a grade 12 student at Brooks Secondary School in Powell River.


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