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YVR shifts from natural gas to heat pumps

A $3.5 million grant is earmarked to make the airport terminal more energy efficient.
YVR is replacing three hot-water boilers with heat pumps.

Vancouver International Airport is replacing some of its natural-gas-fuelled water heating system with heat pumps.

YVR has received about $3.5 million from senior levels of government to replace hot-water boilers to make its main terminal more energy efficient.

The airport is also kicking in $1.8 million for the project to replace three water-heating systems that currently operate using natural gas.

They will be replaced with air source heat pumps, thereby, reducing the airport’s carbon emissions by eight per cent annually or 855 tons of CO2, explained YVR.

Vancouver International Airport has a goal of having net zero carbon emissions in its buildings by 2030.

The replacement of YVR’s water heating systems follows the upgrade of more than 20,000 lights throughout the terminal and the optimization of HVAC systems, saving an estimated 241 tonnes of CO2 per year, YVR added.

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