You can now get Starbucks delivered to you by Uber Eats in Vancouver

Great news for people who don’t like to put on pants and face the world, or for those who are chained to their office desks: You can now get your Starbucks delivered to you by Uber Eats in Metro Vancouver.

Starbucks launched on Uber Eats Thursday in Vancouver and is available in their service areas in the Metro region.

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You can order the whole menu, from just one double tall half-decaf one pump vanilla low fat no foam latte to one of those coffee-filled coffee traveler kits designed for a crowd (staff meeting saved!). Additionally, their foods and snacks and even whole bean coffee and coffee pods are available.

Pretty much the only thing you can’t order through Uber Eats from Starbucks are things like mugs and accessories.

One other component that’s missing is the whole Starbucks Rewards points, which isn’t available via Uber Eats either — stalling your progress on collecting stars to swap for free frappucinos and the like.

Starbucks says they’ve got “unique packaging and beverage solutions to ensure quality and experience of hot and cold menu items, which are customizable” for Uber Eats customers, too, and you can track your order via the app.

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