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There are now 12 candidates vying for two Tri-City ridings, six in the riding of Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam where Liberal incumbent Ron McKinnon looks to get re-elected for the first time, and six in the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam, where longtime NDP incumbent Fin Donnelly has stepped aside. 

Both ridings are predicted to be battlegrounds in the upcoming election. As the country looks to the polls on Oct. 21, below is a comprehensive guide to those looking to become your next minister of parliament, featuring in-depth profiles and video pitches of the candidates themselves. 

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Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_1

“I think any self-respecting member of Parliament would inquire about jobs if you have a major employer in your riding or in your region.”

  • Came to power on Trudeau’s 2015 “red wave” 

  • Represents a riding that in recent history has leaned Conservative

  • Is best known for introducing private member’s bill C-224 — the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, which grants immunity for drug possession for 911 callers responding to an overdose

  • SIGNATURE LOCAL ISSUES: Climate change, affordability and the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

  • Check out Ron McKinnon’s candidate profile page >>



Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_3

"It is straightforward, money back in your pockets. People know how best to spend their money — not bureaucrats in Ottawa."

  • Currently leads the public affairs team at Seaspan Shipyards in North Vancouver.

  • Served five years in Ottawa as director of communications for the former minister of state for western economic diversification, Michelle Rempel. 
  • Is looking to follow in the footsteps of former MP James Moore

  • SIGNATURE ISSUES: tax cuts, affordability

  • Check out Nicholas Insley’s candidate profile page >>



Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_0

"In business, you have to spend money to make money...In government, you have to spend money to save money." 

  • A pychiatric nurse at Royal Columbian hospital, Gower says she doesn't need talking points to talk about health care
  • Has been a member of Greenpeace since 1991 and protested the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline on Burnaby Mountain
  • SIGNATURE ISSUES: Mental health, affordability and the environment
  • Check out Christina Gower’s candidate profile page >>



Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_6

“Affordability is at a crisis...People feel ashamed… but it’s not their fault. Our country should be doing better.”

  • Is running in his second federal election after a failed bid for MP in 2015
  • A illustrator, graphic designer and small business owner, Nickason has served on the board of several arts and culture committees in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam
  • SIGNATURE ISSUES: Climate change, affordability
  • Check out Brad Nickason’s candidate profile page >>


Other candidates

Ronald Spornicu, People’s Party

Dan Iova, Veterans Coalition




Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_2

“I’m going to do it by knowing the players that are involved, knowing what needs to be done. I'm not on the learning curve.”

  • A two-term Coquitlam councillor and former data analyst, Zarrillo is running in her first federal election
  • Says she will prioritize affordability, oppose the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and hold government accountable
  • SIGNATURE LOCAL ISSUES: anti-vaping legislation, preserving trees on the Riverview Lands
  • Check out Bonita Zarrillo’s candidate profile page >>



Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_7
“I felt so proud as a refugee, [welcoming 30,000 Syrian refugees] meant a lot,.. This is Canada. This is what we are. This is what defines us.”
  • An energy specialist who has worked for humanitarian groups in conflict zones, Badiei is running for her first political office
  • Supports using money from Trans Mountain pipeline to fund social programs and clean tech
  • SIGNATURE ISSUES: affordability, climate change, improving public transportation
  • Check out Sara Badiei’s candidate profile page >>



Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_4

"Not everybody will have the same views, and that’s the view of democracy. What it comes right down to is honouring and respecting all people."

  • A former teacher, missionary and musician, Shin says she her varied life experience allows her to relate to people in the riding
  • "Pro-life" but says she supports gay marriage and won't re-open debate around women's reproductive rights if elected 
  • SIGNATURE ISSUES: tax cuts, review of mortgage stress test 
  • Check out Nelly Shin’s candidate profile page >>



Who's running for MP in the Tri-Cities?_5

“We can see the signs, so let's get started finding solutions instead of trying to scare the crap out of people into joining our side.” 

  • A cultural anthropologist, owner of a green marketing firm and founder of a non-profit promoting ecological knowledge, Watts says his experience overseas gives him a unique perspective in overcoming divisive politics

  • This is his first time running for political office, but  

  • SIGNATURE ISSUES: affordable housing, climate change, transportation, food security

  • Check out Bryce Watts’s candidate profile page >>


Other candidates

Roland Verrier, Marxist-Leninist

Jayson Chabot, People's Party


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